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Transaction and Reconciliation Process with the Travel Card

The UC Davis Travel Visa card should be used to charge all business travel and entertainment expenditures.

The department fiscal officer and leadership are responsible for assisting with resolution of outstanding unreconciled expenses.

All Travel card charges import into the cardholder's AggieTravel Available Expenses queue and must be added to an expense report. 

If the card must be paid before the trip is complete (i.e., conference registration paid in advance) create an AggieTravel report using the actual dates of the travel. Otherwise, create an AggieTravel report upon completion of the event/trip to ensure the card is paid in a timely manner.

Per policy, personal expenses are NOT be charged to your Travel card. If there is a Travel card transaction in your AggieTravel queue that is non-reimbursable, add it to an expense report and change the expense type to "Personal or Non-Reimbursable." 

Special Note for Fiscal Officers: Expenses incurred on behalf of a fiscal officer may not be charged to accounts to which that fiscal officer is responsible, without additional approval by a more senior financial official within the department, college or division.

When the AggieTravel expense report is fully approved, the university will pay U.S. Bank for reimbursable expenditures. Policy prohibits the use of the card for personal expenses. Should such an expense occur, the cardholder must pay U.S. Bank directly and note the payment confirmation number in the AggieTravel report. In the event the cardholder does not pay personal expenses charged to the Travel card, the cardholder’s sponsoring department becomes responsible for paying the balance in full.

Paying expenses on behalf of others

Under certain circumstances, you are permitted to use your Travel card to make payments on behalf of other travelers, such as non-employees or employees who have not yet received their own Travel card.

The following purchases may be made on behalf of other travelers without seeking a specific exception to policy:

Guest/Non-Employee Travelers UC Davis Employees*
Ground Transportation Conference Registration
Conference Registration Lodging Deposit
Lodging Deposit  

*Payments for other UC employees require that payment is due within two weeks and that the employee is processing their own Travel card application.

Points to remember:

  • On every report header you'll see the question, "Exception requested: spouse/partner or other traveler(s) expenses included on report" and you'll have the option to choose "Yes" or "No" from a drop down menu. If reimbursable expenses for another employee, guest, or a spouse/partner are included on the report, choose yes and in the comments provide an explanation of why the expense is on your report. The report will automatically route for Exceptional approval.
  • UC Davis employees, if expecting to travel or entertain, should apply for their own Travel card as the exception above is for one-time only.
  • Airfare should be purchased through UCOP approved travel agencies. The most common method is BCD Travel, which is integrated into AggieTravel and allows for direct billing to the campus Preferred Booking Program for guest and employee airfare.
  • For purchases on behalf of others that are not included in the table above, please attain pre-approval from Travel Accounting. Send a request to, and include details of the transaction and circumstances.