Travel Card: Transaction Reconciliation Process

Travel card expenses automatically import into AggieExpense in the Available Expenses queue, where they are to be reconciled on a report.

The department fiscal officer and leadership are responsible for assisting with resolution of outstanding unreconciled expenses.

Follow the instructions on Creating an Expense Report in AggieExpense. Each card expense must be added to a report in AggieExpense.

Per policy, personal expenses are NOT to be charged to the Travel card. If there is a Travel card transaction in your AggieExpense queue that is non-reimbursable, add it to an expense report and change the expense type to "Personal or Non-Reimbursable."   The cardholder is responsible for using their own funds to pay the university for the personal expense.

Additional approval is required expenses incurred by Fiscal Officers. Expenses incurred on behalf of a fiscal officer are not to be charged to accounts for which that fiscal officer is responsible, without additional approval by a more senior financial official within the department, college or division.