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Supplier Onboarding

Onboarding is the process by which suppliers are added to the Kuali Financial System. 

In KFS, a "vendor" is anyone who receives a payment that is not an employee or a student. It may be a supplier (of goods or services) or an individual receiving payment for some other reason.

KFS Vendor Document

Supplier records are added using the KFS Vendor Document, listed on the Purchasing/Accounts Payable menu on the main page of KFS. This document is also used to update records for existing suppliers. For help using the vendor document, try these resources:

W-9 Forms

The Vendor Desk will ask for W-9 forms from anyone that we are adding to our vendor database. Although they are only required for tax purposes when the payment is tax reportable, we also use the form to verify the tax ID which is used to ensure we do not have duplicate records in our system. For more information, visit the W-9 instruction page

NOTE: Do NOT attach a W9 to the Vendor document or to any other document in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).  The W9 contains sensitive financial information and our secure upload page ensures that the data is handled and transmitted appropriately.


If you have any questions about the vendor onboarding process, please contact the Vendor Desk.