ConnexUC, available in AggieExpense, is a UC systemwide online travel booking portal developed for UC travelers to plan and book their travel.


ConnexUC is a web portal with access to UC’s Systemwide Travel Program comprehensive rates and benefits for everyone affiliated with UC. The travel team at the UC Office of the President negotiates discounts and rewards with major airlines, hotel properties, car rental companies, rail and travel agencies on behalf of all of UC travelers.

ConnexUC is accessed through the Company Notes section of AggieExpense.  Click on the Read More tab, and then scroll down to the ConnexUC section.

UC Davis Travel card and Preferred Booking Program transactions for travel services booked through agencies found within ConnexUC import directly into AggieExpense for trip expense reporting.

NOTE: The benefits of ConnexUC extend to personal travel reservations, but personal reservations must be done during non-work hours, using a personal credit card.

Benefits of Using ConnexUC

ConnexUC has UC policies and economical costs built into its portal. The one-stop-shop portal provides the following benefits:

  • Rental car rates reduced by up to 15% via prior agreements.
  • No out-of-pocket airfare costs.
  • Hotel discounts of 12% to 25% off the best rates.
  • Air travel discounts apply to Southwest Airlines, Jet Blue, Virgin, American Airlines and associated international carriers.
  • Lower agency fees than traditional travel agencies.
  • Automated, mandatory, Travel Insurance form when booking airfare through BCD (see below).
  • Full service agency assistance for cancelled tickets.
  • The AggieExpense trip library maintains documentation on previous trips that were billed to the Preferred Booking Program account, for employee travelers.

Accessing ConnexUC the First Time

Complete the required fields on the ConnexUC profile page, accessible via AggieExpense, in the Company Notes section.  Click on the Read More tab, and then scroll down to the ConnexUC section.  If you have loyalty memberships, complete those fields in your profile, and any time travel is booked, loyalty points will accumulate, even with the Preferred Booking Program payment.  Loyalty points can be redeemed directly through the airline.

The email address in ConnexUC is your Kerberos user and cannot be modified. You can add your campus email address in the AggieExpense Profile Personal Information screen.

Reservations Through ConnexUC 

The following guides and demonstrations explain how to make reservations.

Adding/Updating a ConnexUC Travel Arranger

Do you need a delegate to make travel arrangements on your behalf? You must first add them as a Travel Arranger in the ConnexUC portal.

  1. Under the AggieExpense Company Notes section, click Read More.
  2. Scroll down and click on Travel Portal
  3. Click Edit Profile.
  4. Click the Business tab.
  5. Search arranger by last name or email under Travel Arranger.
  6. Check the Can Book and Can Access boxes.
  7. Save changes.

Request to be a ConnexUC Travel Arranger

  1. Under the AggieExpense Company Notes section, click on the ConnexUC Travel Portal link. 
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. Click the Business tab.
  4. Search for the employee you would like to be an arranger for in the Request to be an arranger for field. 
  5. Check the Can Book and Can Access boxes.
  6. Save changes.
  7. The employee will receive an email requesting approval.