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AggieShip will be an all-new way to send goods off campus. Benefits of the new system will include more carriers, faster transit speeds and international options.  Tentative go-live is March 2019.

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AggieShip will be available to UC Davis departments in Davis, as well as School of Medicine, Hospital, and ANR departments.

AggieShip will be carrier agnostic, which means that you will have the option of choosing from more than one carrier for your shipping needs. There will be the option of using FedEx, UPS or DHL—greatly reducing the efforts associated with shipping.

The new tool will give the user the ability to ship limited hazardous materials and international packages without a vendor invoice. 

For hazardous and international shipping, there will be a required completion of a UC Learning Center online course, which will assist in driving compliance with state and federal regulations on training, while ensuring that you have the necessary information to properly ship in these types of situations.

Why a New System?

There are three major reasons for the AggieShip implementation:

  • Meet New Shipping Regulations: There are new governmental regulations regarding international and hazardous shipping, and the new system will ensure that the university is compliant with these regulations, including those for hazardous materials shipping.

  • Utilize University Agreement Benefits: Existing shipping processes don't always allow departments to take advantage of the benefits of the university agreements, which results in higher costs and unnecessary administrative overhead.   

  • Ensure Compatibility with Latest Technology:  The FedEx online shipment tool has served UC Davis well for many years, but it has become more difficult to continue supporting an online system that is now dated. The new system will be fully compliant with today's IT standards.

Benefits of AggieShip

There will be multiple benefits, for the various types of customers and shipments:

  • More Shipper Options: Many of our university customers have requested more flexibility in the "choice" of third-party carrier, and this new system will provide that, allowing users to select FedEx, UPS, or DHL for their outbound shipping needs.

  • Allows for Hazardous Material Shipments: There is a growing need for shipment of items identified as hazardous. The new system will ensure that hazardous materials can be shipped, while being in compliance of applicable regulations and required training.

  • Allows for International Shipments:  Built-in export controls will give UC Davis customers the option to ship internationally, while ensuring that the applicable governmental regulations are met.

  • Reduces Administrative Costs and Processing: Having more shipper options means not having to process and approve KFS Requisitions and Payment Requests and/or Disbursement Vouchers. It gives administrative staff one central location for processing outbound shipments, and removes the confusion/frustration with having to determine "how" and "where" a shipment can be processed/paid.

  • New Reporting and Data Options/Visibility:  Department managers and fiscal officers will have more visibility into their organizational shipping activity.

What Types of Shipments will AggieShip Accommodate?

  • Federal Express, UPS and DHL carrier options
  • Domestic express and ground shipments
  • International shipments
  • Domestic hazardous materials shipping (dry ice, infectious substances, category B)

For shipment types that are not automatically accommodated by AggieShip, there will be an option to identify "other" types of shipment requests. These requests will route to the AggieShip review team. 

  • For hazardous materials shipping requests that do not fall into Cat B, Dry Ice or Excepted Quantity, the user will need to fill out a Hazardous Materials Information Sheet (available on the Mail Services Forms page). The classification/review process typically takes 1 to 3 business days, depending upon the complexity of the shipment.  For time-sensitive shipment requests, customers can contact for assistance, however the customer should always plan ahead as much as possible.

Will Training be Available?

Training and online help resources will be available for learning how you can maximize use of AggieShip. Training won't be required for general use, however, it will be required before access is granted for shipping international and hazardous materials. The hazardous training needs to be completed by anyone classifying, packaging, marking or preparing the shipping paperwork for the package.

Accessing AggieShip

AggieShip will be available to UC Davis employees/affiliates using their UC Davis campus login ID and Kerberos password. Initial access will allow for shipping domestic ground and express shipments of non-hazardous materials.

Current Updates

January 2019: Our team is currently working with the supplier to finalize customizations (field names, etc.) to the shipment tool.  We're also finalizing workflows for system access, account notifications, and routing for hazardous item and international shipments.    Internal system testing will be taking place throughout January!  Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Contact Us

Contact us with questions at We look forward to improving your outbound shipping experience!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Will users be able to print multiple shipping labels at one time in AggieShip?
    • Yes
  • Will users be able to print return labels in AggieShip?
    • Yes, they can put their address in the ship to section and generate a label. They can either print and mail the label or email the PDF.
  • Will AggieShip be able to accommodate shipments from one-non UC location to another if a UC Davis account is being used to pay for the shipment?
    • Yes
  • Will AggieShip be able to accommodate the shipment of mice?
    • Not yet, but we are hopeful to accommodate this type of shipment in the future.
  • Will AggieShip accommodate the shipment of DNA?
    • Yes, as long as the DNA is not classified as UN2814 Category A, Infectious Substance, Affecting Humans.


  • Will AggieShip accommodate shipment of perishables?
    • AggieShip has no specific functionality for perishables shipping.  The third-party carriers generally do not provide special handling unless you contract with one of their cold chain divisions. Perishable shipments are delivered in accordance with the service level selected.


  • Will AggieShip accommodate shipment of animals?
    • Each carrier has different rules and list of allowed animals. Please contact us at for assistance. There are also specific marking requirements. For more information on shipping animals, please visit the UPS website or contact the FedEx Live Animal Desk at 800-405-9052.


Using AggieShip (Coming Soon!)

Before using AggieShip, review the How To Ship page for general information.

AggieShip is for official use/shipments only.

Below are some tips to get you up and running quickly with AggieShip!

After logging in to AggieShip with your campus user ID and Kerberos passphrase, select one of the following options to begin your shipping request:


Shipment Type Purpose Routing and Approval Training Requirement
Create Domestic Shipment To create a shipment within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.  The shipments created with this option are NOT to be used for any dry ice or hazardous materials shipments.  This shipment type is automatically approved when all the required fields are properly completed. The Fiscal Officer assigned to the account receives a notification that their account has been used for the shipment. No training required to use this shipment type.

Create International Documents or Books Shipment

To create a shipment of books or documents that will be shipped outside of the United States.  

This shipment type is automatically approved when all the required fields are properly completed, and a systematic validation check has confirmed that there are no shipping restrictions on the delivery location.   The Fiscal Officer assigned to the account receives a notification that their account has been used for the shipment.

The AggieShip team is automatically notified of any issues with an international delivery location, and will reach out to the shipping customer for further assistance.

Training is required to use this shipment type.
Create Dry Ice, Category B - Biological Substance Shipment To create a domestic (restricted to United States delivery addresses) shipment with dry ice or any items that meet the definition of Category B This shipment type is automatically approved when all the required fields are properly completed. The Fiscal Officer assigned to the account receives a notification that their account has been used for the shipment. Training is required to use this shipment type and required every two years thereafter.
Create Other Shipment For ALL other shipment types, including, but not limited to Category A Hazardous shipments and International shipments that contain items other than books or documents. This shipment type will automatically route for review and approval by the AggieShip team.  Shipment request will be approved once all of the required information has been secured and resolved. The Fiscal Officer assigned to the account receives a notification that their account has been used for the shipment. No training required to use this shipment type.

 After clicking on the desired shipment type, the requested screen will display.  Required fields are highlighted in light blue.  If you forget to complete a required field, the system will prompt you to complete it.  Each screen has the following sections:


Ship To:

  • Each time you create a shipment, you have the option to save the address to an address book.  This option is very useful if you frequently ship to the same location.
  • When entering a Ship To address, be sure to use the correct postal addressing standards.
  • The Tel field should include a contact number for the recipient or other person who can assist with any questions that may arise with the shipment.  Format: 1+area code+7-digit phone number; e.g., 15307521011.
  • Entering an Email address will provide the recipient with email updates on delivery status.


Package Details:

  • If the Insurance box is checked, the dollar amount of the insurance is to be entered.


Shipment Details:

  • Promised Time refers to the local time zone for the delivery. 
  • COA-Account must be entered in the format with the Chart of Account (COA), followed by the 7-digit account code (X-XXXXXXX); for example, 3-6620110.  NOTE: You can save a default Account, Sub-Account, or Project Code by clicking on the Shipping header in the upper left corner, selecting Update Default Account Info, and entering the desired information. 
  • SubAccount and Project Code are optional fields, with data to be entered in their respective fields, without the COA or Account number. 
    • For example, subaccount 12345 assigned to account 3-6620110 would be entered in the SubAccount field as 12345.
  • Dept Reference is an optional 1 to 8 character field that identifies a description for the transaction line that will appear on the general ledger. The contents of this field appear on several FIS Decision Support (DS) reports, including the Transaction Listing (2).  We recommend that you discuss the use of this field with your supervisor to ensure "consistency" in how it's used by your department.


Ship From:

  • The Shipper Address defaults to the One Shields Avenue address that should be used for deliveries made from the Davis campus. 
    • Clicking on the lookup icon will allow you to select a UCD Health Sciences address from deliveries made from UCDMC in Sacramento, and an OTHER option that can be used to manually enter another ship from location that is NOT the Davis or UCDMC campus.
  • Including an E-Mail address will provide you with delivery status updates via email and is recommended.


After Completing the Shipping Screen:

  • For all shipment types, except Create Other Shipment, you will be able to view and select the shipping option that best meets your desired shipping criteria. 
  • The lowest cost option will be auto-selected. You can select an option other than the lowest cost option, but you will be required to indicate the business reason why the lowest cost option was not selected.


After Selecting the Delivery Option:

A screen with additional delivery options will display. Please note that most of these options incur additional charges/fees


Printing the Shipping Label and Completing the Shipment:

A confirmation screen with the bar code label for the shipment will display.  Click on the View Printer Friendly Version link for label printing.


Dropping Items Off for Shipping:

  • You have several options, including:
    • Leaving the item(s) for pick up by your UC Davis Mail Services carrier
    • Dropping it off in an appropriate mail box (e.g. FedEx box for a FedEx delivery)
    • Taking the item to the Mail Services location at 615 Hopkins Road on the west side of the campus (west of Highway 113)


Viewing Shipments:

Click on the Shipping header in the upper left corner and select View Shipments.  There are a variety of search criteria for which you can locate past shipment requests.  In the cases where a tracking number has been issued, you can click on it to get more information from the specific carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL).



Contact the AggieShip team at for assistance!  We'll be happy to help.