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AggieShip is an an online module used to process outbound shipments at UC Davis.

Join us for an upcoming AggieShip forum at the Student Community Center, Room D (Davis Campus), 10:30am on Wednesday 5/6/20 . No registration required.
AggieShip Online Training is now available in the UC Learning Center.  This 25-minute training provides a high-level overview of AggieShip and is recommended for new users.  If you will be shipping hazardous materials, or shipping internationally, specific hazardous or international training modules are required before access is granted for those specific shipping modules.


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    • AggieShip is available to UC Davis departments, as well as School of Medicine, Hospital, and ANR staff on UCD payroll.
    • AggieShip provides options to use FedEx, UPS or DHL!
    • AggieShip provides shippers the ability to ship internationally (documents and books) and certain hazardous materials, after completing the requisite training.
    • Click on the links on the menu to the right to learn more about AggieShip!

    AggieShip helps the university to:

    • Meet New Shipping Regulations: AggieShip ensures that the university is compliant with ever-changing governmental regulations, including those for hazardous materials and international shipping.

    • Utilize University Agreement Benefits: AggieShip makes it easy to take advantage of the benefits of the university agreements. No more having to process KFS Requisitions and Payment Requests and/or Disbursement Vouchers for shipments.

    • Ensure Compatibility with Latest Technology:  AggieShip is fully compliant with today's IT standards.

    Contact us at with any questions. We'll be happy to help!