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Travel Card FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions: UC Davis Travel Card

  • How do I activate my new Travel card?
  • Call the U.S. Bank activation number that comes with your new corporate liability Travel card. When prompted for your identifier, enter zero (0) plus your complete Employee ID number  (which may be found by logging in to UC Path).  If calling for assistance, the bank will ask for the last four digits of your SSN; the last four digits of your Employee ID number should be entered.
  • How do I access transactions and statements from US Bank?
  • Please see instructions regarding Online Account Access on the Contact U.S. Bank webpage.
  • How can I differentiate between  the former card program transactions and current card program transactions in AggieTravel?
  • Travel card transactions from the former contingent liability program will have a blue icon and  transactions  from the new corporate liability program will have a green icon. Please see example below:
    Statement showing Corporate and Contingent Liability Card Expenses
  • What do I do if a personal charge was inadvertently made on the Travel card?
  • As a reminder, personal charges are not permitted on the Travel card. If you do have an accidental personal charge on the new Travel card, you will use the expense type of “Personal / Non-reimbursable” when reconciling your report – the same as was done with the previous card program. But now you will also need to pay back the University directly, as the card provider has already been paid. To reimburse the University, you will access your UC Davis Banner account where you will see the invoice for the charge appear a few days after your expense report has been approved. To process the reimbursement through Banner, go to, log in with your campus user ID and Kerberos passphrase, agree to the consent form, and, finally, review your balance and select Make Payment from the main page.  Personal credit card and e-checks are accepted methods of payment.
    Payment Screen in Banner
  • Who can get a UC Davis Travel card?
  • Any UC Davis employee can apply for a Travel card.
  • Is there a daily limit on cash advances on the Travel card?
  • Yes. The cash advance limit is generally 20% of the card limit. Please note: some ATMs may have a daily limit that is lower than the card's cash advance limit. If the traveler will require a larger amount of cash for business, contact the Travel Help Desk for assistance.
  • I received a cash advance but didn't use it all. What should I do?
  • Complete an AggieTravel expense report following the procedures here.
  • If I change campus departments, do I need to apply for a new Travel card?
  • Yes, a new application is required if a cardholder is transferring from one department to another. 
  • What do I do if I am separating from the University?
  • The cardholder should clear all remaining unreconciled expenses in AggieTravel. Then call US Bank to cancel their card. 
  • What happens if I inadvertently used my Travel card instead of my Procurement Card?
  • The cardholder must clear the Travel card charge from AggieTravel by importing the expense to a report. Use Report Type of Professional Expenses and select the appropriate Expense Type. Add a comment explaining that the Travel card was used instead of the Procurement Card. The Confirming Order Justification form may be required.   
  • What happens if I inadvertently used my Procurement Card instead of my Travel card?
  • The Procurement Card payment is already made and cannot be undone. When the expense appears in AggieTravel, add a note to the associated report document explaining it should have been on the Travel card instead. Change the object code to the appropriate travel/entertainment object code for the transaction.

  • How do I cancel a Travel card?
  • UC Davis Travel Visa cards can be canceled by contacting the Travel Help Desk at or by contacting U.S. Bank directly.
  • I was issued a replacement travel card because mine was lost or stolen. How does this impact AggieTravel?
  • Expenses will not import into AggieTravel until the replacement card is added by AggieTravel. Email the Travel Help Desk