AggieLogistics: Multiple Services...One Platform!

AggieLogistics provides the ability to track inbound and outbound shipments, process gas cylinder rentals and returns, request services from AggieSurplus and Special Services, and more!

AggieLogistics is available to employees at the main Davis campus, Health, and Agricultural and Natural Resources (ANR).  This online platform is available to student employees, but not to students who are not also employees.

Logging In

On the AggieLogistics login screen, click the Log In with UC Davis Login button to log in with your UC Davis login and Kerberos passphrase.

  • The username and password fields on the login page should not be used, as this will result in an error message.
  • If you receive a “Login Failed” message after following the instructions above, please email with a screenshot of the error message for assistance.

Automated System Emails

AggieLogistics alerts customers via automated emails at significant points in the delivery route; for example when an item has arrived at Central Receiving or is delivered to its final destination. The email contains a link to the AggieLogistics portal, where the My Items tile provides additional details on each item and its delivery status.

  • If you would prefer to read the email notifications at your convenience, we recommend setting up a rule in Outlook or your chosen email platform to filter the automated emails to a new mailbox. This makes it easier to review the messages whenever you like!

My Items 

My Items allows customers to check the status of inbound and outbound items, such as packages, mail and freight.   

Access the screen directly.

Courier Service (Special Messenger Request)

This module allows customers to request and track Special Messenger services. 

Access the request form directly.

Gas Cylinder Rental Tracking and Return

These modules allow customers to track current gas cylinders rented by their department, as well as process gas cylinder returns.

Access the return screen directly.

Access the lookup screen directly.

AggieSurplus and Services Request Form and Excess Surplus Property Form

AggieSurplus & Services Form 

  •     Lab/Office Moves
  •     Recycle/Disposal of Equipment/Office Items
  •     Freight/Rental Equipment Delivery/Pick-Up
  •     General Labor
  •     Furniture Installation/Reconfiguration


  1. Log in to AggieLogistics.
  2. Select the AggieSurplus & Services Form tile.
  3. Fill out the form completely.
  • If applicable, attach the AggieSurplus Pick-Up Request Spreadsheet for identifying items for which AggieSurplus services are requested.  To make sure your request is processed as quickly as possible, please complete all line items.  Areas shaded in grey are for AggieSurplus use only.  Include asset numbers, if applicable, and size dimensions, if items are oversized. 
  • Other documents (e.g., Furniture Design Plans, etc.) can be electronically attached instead of having to be emailed separately.
  1. Click Submit
  • Your request will then route to the fiscal officer assigned to cited account for approval. After the fiscal officer has approved the request, it will route to AggieSurplus & Services.  They will reach out to schedule your request.
  • Customers will now have a single point of contact when working with AggieSurplus and Special Services.
  • Customer will receive an email confirming the date the job is scheduled.
  • Customers can view the progress or recap of their jobs via the My Items tile. You can also search by the specific job number (SSXXXXXX).

Access the request form directly.

AggieSurplus Excess Surplus Property Form

The AggieSurplus Surplus Property Form is used by departments to request sales of department surplus inventory. 

This form is used to sell an item through AggieSurplus that will remain at the department location while being sold. Please consult with AggieSurplus to determine fair market value prior to completing this form. Revenue sharing only occurs when an item sells for greater than $250. With the exception of ‘lot sales’, only one item per form should be submitted.

Access the property form directly.

Alcohol Custodian Request and Lookup

To obtain authorization to purchase and use alcohol, or add/ delete designated custodians, the department must complete the Tax Free Alcohol Custodian Request form, available under the Account Applications tile in AggieLogistics (towards the bottom of the screen). This form is used to request the addition of a new alcohol custodian or to remove an existing custodian from your department. It will automatically route to the department head for approval.

Access the request form directly.

Current departmental alcohol custodians can be located using the Tax-Free Alcohol Custodian Lookup under the Lookups tile in AggieLogistics (near the top right of the screen).

Access the lookup screen directly.

Equipment Rental

This module allows customers to request and track office chair rentals and special event supply rentals.

Access the rental screen directly.

Faculty Caps and Gowns Rental

The form allows for up to 10 individual cap and gown rentals per form. If more are needed, customers can attach and upload a spreadsheet to the form in AggieLogistics.

Access the request form directly.

Document Shred Request

The request form allows departments to request document shredding services in AggieLogistics.

Access the request form directly.

Document Storage

The Document Storage options include two forms and a search function.  

  • Use the Doc Storage - Account App form to apply for a new document storage account.
  • Use the Doc Storage Request form to:
    • Check in New Documents
    • Check-out Documents Temporarily
    • Check back in Documents
    • Check-out Documents Permanently
    • Request Document Shredding
    • Access the request form directly.
  • On the Currently Rented Searches tile, there is a Document Storage Search that allows users to see the status of document storage currently managed with Supply Chain Management.
  • Access the lookup screen directly.

Bulk Mail Request

This option allows you to request Bulk Mail services. You can initiate a Bulk Mail Project or request an estimate using this form.

Access the request form directly.

Mail Services Request

This form is used to request a new or update an existing mail stop or mailer ID, or request a department name change.

Access the request directly.

AggieSupply Special Order Request

This form is used to request the addition of items that are not currently available at the AggieSupply stores.

Access the request form directly.

Microscope Services/Rentals

The Microscope Services tile is used to request the following:

  • Microscope/Accessory Rental
  • Microscope/Accessory Return
  • Repair Request
  • Microscope Fabrication
  • Microscope Consultation

Access the request form directly.

On the Account Applications tile, there is a Microscope Account Application to apply for a microscope account for ongoing business with Microscope Services.

Access the application request directly.

On the Currently Rented Searches tile, there is a Microscopes Currently Rented Search that allows users to see the status of microscopes they currently have rented through the Supply Chain Management Microscope Services unit.

Access the lookup screen directly.


Please contact, and we will be happy to assist.