New to Travel? Start Here

Are you a new employee looking for information on how to travel at UC Davis, or a current employee looking to review important steps to ensure successful travel? This page provides guidelines and best practices to help you do just that!

Familiarize Yourself with Travel Policy

  • Before traveling on behalf of the university it is important to familiarize yourself with applicable policies and regulations. All university paid travel, regardless of payment method, is subject to IRS tax laws and UC policies. Failure to follow university policies can result in additional taxable income on your paycheck and/or out-of-pocket expenses not being reimbursed. 

Sign up for Direct Deposit for any personal or out-of-pocket reimbursements 

  • AggieExpense uses the same information you set up at UC Path as your primary payroll direct deposit account. Be sure to enroll in direct deposit

Complete Travel Card Training and Application

  • The UC Davis Travel Card is a university-sponsored card issued to UC Davis employees who travel or entertain on behalf of the university. It is expected that all travel or entertainment charges which are allowed on a Visa should be charged to your UC Davis Travel card. If you are going to travel or entertain, be sure you have your card ahead of time! 

Set up Profile in AggieExpense

  • Prior to booking any travel or entertainment, complete all the required fields in your AggieExpense profile
  • Be sure to validate the email address in your profile.  

Download Concur Mobile App

  • The SAP Concur mobile app is a simple, secure tool that lets you manage travel expenses from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Includes ability to take photos of your receipts on-the-fly.
  • Registration is required prior to use.

Add Delegates in AggieExpense, if applicable

  • The Delegates feature allows an employee (delegate) to act on behalf of another traveler (delegator) to prepare their expense reports.
  • Even if you have a delegate prepare your report, all employees must submit their own reports. 

Add Personal Car for mileage reimbursements

  • Identifying a personal car in your AggieExpense profile is required for mileage reimbursement. There are different mileage reimbursement rates for travel versus relocation.

Booking through AggieExpense

  • Booking airfare, car rentals, and lodging can been done directly in AggieExpense.
  • BCD Travel is the travel agency that handles the airfare booking in AggieExpense.
  • Airfare expenses will import into AggieExpense as a CTS (Preferred Booking Program) expense and will need to be reconciled on an AggieExpense Expense Report.
  • Car rental and Lodging expenses should be paid to the merchant using your UC Davis Travel card.

Learn about the Preferred Booking Program (PBP)

  • The PBP direct billing system (also referred to as CTS) allows for booking directly through AggieExpense, is used for arranging catering through the campus Olive & Vine Catering unit, and for booking local hotels.
  • Booking a local hotel through the PBP – The Preferred Booking Program Hotel Reservation form will need to be filled out and provided to the hotel; this is generally applicable for guests coming to the University.

Foreign Travel

  • Travelers are encouraged to become familiar with the destination country’s entry requirements, travel advisories, and other pertinent information, available on the Bureau of Consular Affairs website.
  • Always check with Global Affairs first before initiating any international travel, to comply with additional regulations and safety concerns.

BCD Travel Itinerary Site

  • The Travel Itinerary Site offers BCD Travelers access to travel related documents for current and previous trips in one convenient site.

Keep your receipts as appropriate

  • The easiest way to keep a receipt is to capture it with the Concur app
  • A valid receipt contains amount, date, place of purchase, identification of what was purchased, and proof of payment.
  • A receipt is required to be attached to your AggieExpense expense report for each of the following situations:
    • Lodging
    • Airfare
    • Car Rental
    • Conference Registration
    • Any other expenses totaling $75 or more

Reports must be submitted within 45 calendar days in AggieExpense

  • Reports must be submitted within 45 calendar days from the trip end date or event date.
  • Trip expenses become taxable if the report is not submitted within 60 calendar days of the trip end date – even if paid for with the Travel card or Preferred Booking Program.

Explore ConnexUC

  • ConnexUC is a secure web portal with access to UC’s systemwide Travel Program, comprehensive rates and benefits for anyone affiliated with UC.
  • Travel Arranger – this option allows for others to book travel arrangements on your behalf.