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Contact U.S. Bank

Contact U.S. Bank by Phone

(800) 344-5696 U.S. Bank Visa 24-hour Customer Service
  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Report any suspected fraud activity

*When a new card is issued, contact the Travel Help Desk to ensure your new card is added to your AggieTravel profile

(800) VISA-911 Visa Global Customer Care Services

24-hour cardholder information and assistance by phone to all Visa cardholders calling from anywhere in the world, provided by Visa Global Customer Care Services.

Online Account Access

With this service from U.S. Bank you can:

  • View your account activity daily
  • Run reports in Excel, PDF or HTML
  • Print statements anytime
  • Pay your bill
  • Dispute any transactions on-line, real time

Access is available at https://access.usbank.com.

The first time there you will have to register your account:

  • The Organization Short Name you will need is "UOFCA"
    • The Account Zip Code must match the 5-digit zip code from your home billing statement

Note: if any of the entered information is invalid and the system returns an error message, you have three attempts to correct the information before you will be locked out. Contact U.S. Bank Customer Service at (800) 344-5696 to unlock your account.

U.S. Bank offers online tutorials to help you make the most of your online access. You will need to enter a password which is available when you log in to https://access.usbank.com. Click on the "Training" link to get the Commercial Cardholder password.

Travel Card Alert

U.S. Bank is among the companies whose name is being used in electronic "phishing" schemes. U.S. Bank will never ask for your user id, password or other sensitive information in an e-mail. If you have given out your information, call U.S. Customer Service at (800) 344-5696 to discuss it immediately. Report any suspected fraud activity to U.S. Bank at (800) 523-9078.