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HOW TO: Ship

We want to ensure that your outbound shipping is as easy and streamlined as possible, while adhering to university policy and federal regulations. 

Please review and follow the steps below for successful outbound shipping:

  1. Before You Begin: Review instructions per shipment type on the Central Storehouse Ship-Out page, which provides background material to assist with many types of shipments.
  2. Are you shipping radioactive, hazardous, dry ice, chemical waste, biological substances, or shipping internationally?
    1. Yes: review the information on the Safety Services website before proceeding. Training or other requirements may need to be met before shipping these types of items.
    2. No: you can use the FedEx shipping tool (AggieShip coming soon!)

Questions can be directed to the AggieShip team at aggieship@ucdavis.edu. The AggieShip team can also assist with questions regarding the FedEx shipping tool.