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HOW TO: Ship

Reviewing and following the steps below will help ensure that your shipments go as smoothly as possible.

Failure to follow authorized shipping protocols can result in fines, shipping delays, and/or potential loss of university funding. University shipping resources (including AggieShip) are for official use only.

Before preparing a shipment, please review each of the items below.

What are you shipping?   

  • Understanding the types of items you are shipping is critical for understanding and following the correct shipping protocol.
  • Shipment of hazardous materials, such as dry ice, biological substances, and chemicals in excepted quantities, requires training prior to shipping and may also require special licenses and/or permits.
  • If you are shipping “questionable” items, we recommend that you contact us at before processing the shipment.   We can assist with possible issues before they arise!  Questionable items include the following:
    • Liquids, powders or odor-producing materials
    • Alcohol (i.e. wine, beer, etc.)
    • Batteries or equipment with batteries enclosed (i.e. laptop, cell phone, etc.)
    • Research Samples

What type(s) of packaging do the item(s) require? 

  • It's important to use appropriate packaging, especially if shipping hazardous or temperature-sensitive materials.  Correct packaging ensures that items will arrive in the same condition as when they were shipped; it also ensures that personnel handling the items are not exposed to a possible hazardous situation.
  • Based on the size and/or weight of the item(s), you may need to use special packaging and/or packing tape.
  • FedEx, UPS, and DHL have helpful information on selecting the appropriate type of packaging.

Where are you shipping to? 

  • A complete address must always be entered for the recipient, including an attention name (if applicable), suite, room, or floor #, or any other information that will ensure that the item reaches the correct destination.  Refer to the USPS Addressing Standards Guide for more information and guidance.
  • If shipping internationally (countries outside of the United States), there are additional considerations:
  • Refer to the AggieShip International Shipment Flowchart for shipping items other than books or published documents internationally.

How soon does it need to arrive? 

  • What shipping speed will you need?  Planning ahead can save significant money for the department and university, as slower shipping speeds are generally less costly.  

Can you bundle items?

  • Whenever possible, consider bundling shipments to save money and time, while reducing impact on the environment.

How to process the shipment?

  • Our online shipping option, called AggieShip, should be used whenever possible; it will allow you to do the same types of shipments as the previous FedEx system, but it also accommodates hazardous and international shipments, while providing multiple carrier options (DHL, FedEx, UPS).

Dropping Items Off for Shipping

There are multiple options for getting your package to the carrier, or you can visit the Drop-Off Locations page for the locations where you can leave your package.

Additional Resources

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