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Travel Card Corporate Liability Program

Travel Card Corporate Liability Program Coming Soon

The UC Davis Travel Card will be transitioning to a Corporate Liability Program in the near future (date to be announced).

What Is It?

The Travel card payment process will be changing:

  • Current State:   Travel card expenses are not paid until the AggieTravel expenses are documented and fully approved.
  • Future State: Travel card expenses will be automatically paid to the bank, as transactions take place.  AggieTravel expense reconciliation will take place after the payment has been made to the bank.

NOTE: The way the Travel card is to be used will NOT be changing:

  • The Travel card is still to be used only for approved and appropriate business travel and business entertainment expenses. 
  • Timely AggieTravel documentation will still be required to document each expense made on the Travel card, in order to avoid any potential tax-reportable income to the traveler.

No Personal Expenses

With the change to expenses being paid automatically, it is imperative that personal expenses NOT be made on the Travel card. 

Any accidental personal expense must be reimbursed to the university.  Specific instructions for doing so will be posted soon. 

Benefits of the Program

With the automatic payments, there are several benefits to the university and to the cardholder, including:

  • Easier Application Process
  • No late fees
  • No suspended cards due to late fees
  • No connection to personal credit

When Will It Happen?

The transition to the new program is scheduled for a future date once campus resumes normal operations.  We will keep this page updated, as further information is determined.

What Will Happen with the Old Travel Card?

Once the new card has been issued, the old Travel card will be cancelled after two weeks.  This will allow travelers on the road an opportunity to get back and receive their new cards.

During the transition period, all charges, regardless of source, will continue to import and be available to reconcile. We expect that the old card and new card charges can be reconciled on the same report if necessary.

What if I'm a First-Time Travel Card Applicant?

First-time Travel card applicants who need to use a Travel card during this interim period (before the new program begins) will need to complete the current training and application process.  If they want to continue with the Travel card after the interim period, they will need to complete the steps listed under the Prepare Now! section below.

Prepare Now!

There are two things you can do NOW to prepare:

  1. Complete the required training first.  Everyone who wishes to continue with the Travel card program (current and future cardholders) must complete the 30-minute online Travel Card Corporate Liability Training, available in the UC Learning Center.  This training only needs to be completed ONCE (no annual re-take requirement).
    • The fiscal officer assigned to the default account assigned to the Travel card will also need to complete the Travel Card Corporate Liability TrainingThe Campus cardholder application will not let the cardholder complete the application until the fiscal officer has completed the training as well.
  2. Complete the online application.  Everyone who wishes to continue with the new Corporate Liability Travel card program (current and future cardholders)  is required to complete the Travel Card application. Use the Google Chrome or Firefox browsers for accessing the application.  To complete the application, you will need your fiscal officer's user ID, departmental chart/account to be assigned to card expenses, and the first and last name of your department chair/head. 
    • If a cardholder transfers to a new department, they will be required to complete a new Travel Card application for the new department and to destroy their old card.  This will ensure that the cardholder has the necessary approvals from their new department.

It is critical that all existing cardholders/fiscal officers take the training as soon as possible. This will help ensure that the new card is issued and in the cardholder’s possession before the old card is cancelled.


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