Welcome to the Travel Card Program!

The Travel Card is the recommended and convenient way to pay for all business travel and entertainment expenses.

The October 2022 Card Forum Presentation (PDF) is available.
Check out the Frequently Asked Questions section, to learn how to activate a new card, and get the answers to your questions about the card program!

What Is It?

The Travel card is to be used only for approved and appropriate business travel and business entertainment expensesTravel card expenses are automatically paid to the bank, as transactions take place. 

AggieExpense expense reconciliation takes place after the payment has been made to the bank.  Timely reconciliation is required, in order to avoid any potential tax-reportable income to the traveler.

No Personal Expenses

NO Personal expenses are to be made on the Travel card. 

If a personal expense occurs, the cardholder must reconcile the charge in an AggieExpense Report. Use the Expense Type of "Personal or non reimbursable" and submit the report. You will need to pay back the University directly.

To reimburse the University, you will access your UC Davis Banner account where you will see the invoice for the charge appear approximately 10 business days after your expense report has been approved. To process the reimbursement through Banner:

  • Log in with your campus user ID and Kerberos passphrase at https://mybill.ucdavis.edu.
  • Agree to the consent form.
  • Review your balance and select Make Payment from the main page.  

Personal credit card and e-checks are accepted methods of payment.

Benefits of the Program

With the automatic payments, there are several benefits to the university and to the cardholder, including:

  • Easy Application Process
  • No late fees
  • No suspended cards due to late fees
  • No connection to personal credit

Required Training

 Everyone who wishes to participate in the Travel Card program must complete the required 30-minute online Travel Card Corporate Liability Training, available in the UC Learning Center.  This training only needs to be completed ONCE (no annual re-take requirement).

  • The fiscal officer assigned to the default account assigned to the Travel card will also need to complete the Travel Card Corporate Liability TrainingThe Campus cardholder application will not allow the cardholder to complete the application until the fiscal officer has completed the training as well.

Required Application

There are two Travel Card applications: one is for use by all employees, except those identifying a Chart H (Hospital) account.  The other application is for Chart H employees.  The links are available below.  Read these instructions before completing either application.

  1. Use the Google Chrome or Firefox browser for accessing the application.
  2. In order to complete the application, you will need the departmental chart/account to be assigned to card expenses, and the first and last name of your department chair/head. 
    • All applicants should use their office business address when applying for the card, regardless of whether they are in their office or not at this time.
    • Campus Travel Card applicants will need their Fiscal Officer's User ID in order to complete the application.
    • If a cardholder transfers to a new department, they will be required to complete a new application for the new department and to destroy their old card.  This will ensure that the cardholder has the necessary approvals from their new department.

Card Applications

Need Assistance?

Contact the Card Program Help Desk at cardprogramhelp@ucdavis.edu.