Cognos Reports: Viewing AggieExpense, Card, Preferred Booking Program Expenses

Cognos offers reports to view AggieExpense, Procurement and Travel Card transactions, as well as those made through the Preferred Booking Program (PBP).

Access to Reports

Access to the reports listed on this page (GLIDE and AggieExpense) is automatically provisioned to users that have at least one of the following roles in Aggie Enterprise:

  • UCD Projects Cost Inquiry JR
  • UCD General Ledger Inquiry JR

For users not auto-provisioned: 

  • Please reach out to your department’s CAO or fiscal officer to determine the reports for which you should be provisioned.
  • Submit access request via email to your department's security liaison (cc: CAO or fiscal officer).
  • Note that the Security Team will only process requests submitted by designated liaisons, all other requests will be cancelled.

Logging in to Cognos

  1. Log in to Cognos with your campus user ID and Kerberos passphrase.   NOTE: You will need to log in twice, one on the CAS screen and also on the IBM system login screen with your campus user ID and Kerberos passphrase.
  2. After logging in, click on the name of the folder to access the relevant reports (e.g. Aggie Enterprise or AggieExpense).

GLIDE Report

The General Ledger Interface Details Engine, or GLIDE, reporting tool, is designed to capture transactional details and store data to support expense reconciliation processes. GLIDE allows boundary applications, including AggieExpense, to send over debits and credits, along with additional data fields. 

Using the GLIDE Report

  1. The GLIDE report is in the Aggie Enterprise folder.
  2. Click on GLIDE to access the GLIDE reporting tool.
  3. Most of the search fields are not required for GLIDE. There are search fields for the various segments of the UC Chart of Accounts (CoA), allowing a user to narrow down the results to a specific financial entity, if needed.  Include at least the following two search criteria for best results:
    • Date Range
    • Journal Source of UCD Concur
  4. Results will display with the CoA (Chart of Account) or PPM (Project Portfolio Management) to which the transaction posted, and the custom fields for default card (Procurement Card and/or Travel Card) transaction data and AggieExpense data. 
Results Include Custom Data Fields
Field Name Data
udfDate1 Transaction Date
udfDate2 Posted Date
udfString1 Employee Name
udfString2 TCARD or PCARD
udfString3 Last Segment of Card #, or Report Key
udfString4 Supplier/Merchant Name

AggieExpense Reports 

AggieExpense reports that were previously in FIS Decision Support (DS) are now available in Cognos. These include the following reports:

  • AEE-318 Department Approvers:
  • AEE-417 Outstanding Cash Advances:
    • Displays outstanding cash advances made via the AggieExpense Request module
    • Reconcile any outstanding cash advances as soon as the trip concludes
  • AEE-418 Unreconciled Card Expenses:
    • Displays outstanding Travel Card and Procurement Card transactions
    • Reconcile any outstanding Travel card transactions as soon as possible. Travel Card transactions can be reconciled before the trip even starts.
  • AEE-419 Report Lookup:
    • Look up Travel and Entertainment reports by a variety of parameters, including: Division, Department, Traveler Name, Report Name, or Report Type
  • AEE-421 Unreconciled Direct Billing Expenses:
    • Displays outstanding Preferred Booking Program transactions.  Reconcile any outstanding Preferred Booking Program transactions as soon as possible.  Preferred Booking Program transactions can be reconciled before a trip or event begins.
    • If you find a transaction on the report that is not showing in AggieExpense, contact