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Frequently Asked Questions: Registering Your Trip

  • Does the trip registration requirement apply to non-employee travelers?
  • Yes. All university business travel should be registered. Trip registration for foreign travel is required for all university travelers, whether employee or guest. Guests cannot register themselves through UC Away so a UC Davis staff member will need to process the registration for them. Remember, if a guest’s airfare is purchased through AggieTravel, their trip is automatically registered.
  • Does the trip registration requirement apply to domestic travel?
  • While registration of domestic travel is not a requirement by the UC Davis International Travel Policy, travel registration for travel outside of the state of California is required by University of California – Policy G-28, Travel Regulations:

    C .1.a.  Travelers must register all out-of-state and foreign country business trips to ensure coverage. Booking travel through ConnexUC’s preferred travel agencies and supported online booking tools, with the exception of SWABIZ (Southwest) automatically enrolls the traveler in the insurance program for travel outside of California; otherwise the traveler must register at UC Away and complete the Traveler Insurance form before an out-of-state trip occurs. Registration is not required for travel within California, as coverage is automatic.  
  • If booking through SWABIZ, are travelers automatically registered?
  • SWABIZ purchases do NOT auto-enroll travelers in the university insurance. You will still need to register those travelers separately. Please note: Southwest airlines tickets are available for purchase in AggieTravel which will automatically register the traveler. SWABIZ and AggieTravel are two separate entities.
  • We have a number of field collaborators from outside of UC Davis who fly in to the field sites during season. Are these travelers also able to register at UC Away?
  • Guests are not able to register themselves because the registration portal is only accessible by those with a UC Davis campus login ID and Kerberos passphrase. You can and should register on behalf guests whose trips are not purchased through AggieTravel.
  • I purchased a flight through AggieTravel and the trip was canceled. When I reschedule my trip, do I need to re-register?
  • Yes. Trip registration is trip specific, so each trip needs to be registered on its own.
  • I am currently abroad. Do I need to register my trip?
  • Yes. You should register your trip via UC Away by entering the current date as the “start” of your trip and entering the corresponding end date. 
  • I am taking sabbatical leave internationally. Do I need to register my trip?
  • Yes. Sabbaticals are considered official university travel and must be registered.
  • I am an emeritus faculty member. Do I need to register my international trip?
  • If you are traveling on university business, or if you are utilizing your UC Davis title at any point during the trip (e.g., at a conference), your trip must be registered.
  • I am unsure if I registered a trip. How can I check if I did?
  • You can check the status of your registered trips by creating a Worldcue Traveler account. Details for establishing your account can be found in the “Welcome” email that you receive when a trip is registered (either through UC Away or by booking travel via AggieTravel).
  • I made a mistake registering my travel or changed my travel plans. Can I edit or delete an existing trip registration made through UC Away?
  • Trips registered through UC Away cannot be edited or deleted. You will need to register a new trip.
  • Can I register a personal trip?
  • Yes, you can register a personal trip to receive customized, location-specific travel alerts. However, the University of California’s travel insurance policy does not apply to personal travel.

    Personal trips can be registered here.
  • I work for UC ANR and utilize the UC Davis AggieTravel expense reporting system. How do I register my international trip with UC Away?
  • UC ANR employees traveling internationally should either book their travel via AggieTravel or, if registering via UC Away, select “University of California, Davis” from the drop-down list on the InCommon page (and not “University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources”).