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Travel & Entertainment Forms

Travel & Entertainment 



Airfare Exception Form (PDF)

Use the Airfare Exception form when requesting an exception to policy G-28 for Business or First Class airfare.

Revision date: Aug-2017

Certificate of Non-availability of U.S.-Flag Air Carrier Service (PDF)

Use this form to document air travel on a foreign (non-U.S.) carrier. 

More information about the Fly America Act can be found on the Travel website or at the U.S. General Services Administration website.

Revision date: Sep-2015

CTS Hotel Form (PDF)

Make local hotel reservations for individual or group travelers and entertainment events (For CTS Payment Only).

Revision date: Mar-2018

Direct Deposit Form

Employee pay (payroll) and Employee expense reimbursements (e.g. travel expenses) can be processed through the Direct Deposit System.

To sign up for UC Davis Direct Deposit, you will need an active campus computing account (UCD Login ID and Kerberos passphrase).

Entertainment Expense Form (EEV) (PDF)

This form must accompany entertainment expenses paid in KFS.

This form is not used for AggieTravel entertainment transactions.

Revision date: May-2015

Foreign Travel Wire Transfer (Webform)

Submit this form when an AggieTravel reimbursement requires a foreign wire transfer.

Revision date: Apr-2016

Lodging Limit Justification (PDF)

UCOP G-28 Travel policy limits lodging nightly rates to a maximum of $275/night when traveling in lower 48 states for less than 30 days. If requesting reimbursement for more than this limit, please complete this form, obtain appropriate approvals, and attach the form to your AggieTravel Expense report.

Revision date: Oct-2017

Mileage Log Form 2018 (PDF)

Mileage record sheet for those who turn in more than one mileage expense per report time (i.e. monthly).

Revision date: Jan-2018

2017 Mileage Log Form (PDF)

Moving & Relocation Travel Expense Form (PDF)

This form is to be used only for moving and relocation expenses and must accompany travel expenses paid in KFS.

Revision date: Jan-2018

Transient Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate for Governmental Agencies (PDF)

Use this form to receive tax exemption from hotels, as applicable.

Revision date: Sep-2015

Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) (PDF)

This form must accompany (non-relocation) travel expenses paid in KFS.

This form is only for the Davis campus, excluding the School of Medicine, and UC Davis Health.

Revision date: Apr-2016

Travel Visa Card Application - Submit Online

NEW! Online application for a Travel card to use for travel and entertainment expenses. 

Please be advised that the online Travel Card application can only be accessed using Chrome or Firefox web browsers.

Travel Visa Card Form (PDF)

Use only when prompted by the online Travel Visa card application.
UC Business Travel Insurance - Submit Online This form is required each time a traveler leaves California unless reservations are made through AggieTravel or a Connexxus travel partner (excluding SWABIZ).