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All Supply Chain Management Forms


Form Instructions
Airfare Exception Form (PDF)

Use the Airfare Exception form when requesting an exception to policy G-28 for Business or First Class airfare.

Revision date: December 2019

Alcohol; Conditions of Use of Tax-Free Alcohol  (PDF) This form must be posted where Tax-Free Alcohol is stored/used.
Alcohol Custodian Request Form (PDF) Used to add, delete, or update alcohol custodians assigned to a department.
Alcohol Custodian Lookup (Webform) Where you can look up your department's alcohol custodian. If your department doesn't have one, use the Request Form above to add a department custodian.
Alcohol Stock Control Custodian's Inventory Records (PDF) This form can be used to keep a record of receipts and disbursements within a department.
Bulk Mail Work Request Lookup (Webform) Used to look up the status of previous requests to the Bulk Mail Division.
Bulk Mail Work Request (Webform) Used to request services from the UC Davis Bulk Mail Division.
Cap and Gown New Order Form (Webform) A new order can be placed for an individual or for a group of faculty.
Cap and Gown Update Existing Order (Webform) Edits and alterations can be made to existing cap and gown orders. 
Central Storehouse Returned Merchandise Authorization Form (PDF)

Complete this form if you need to return items purchased from the UC Davis Central Storehouse.

Certificate of non-availability of U.S.- Flag Air carrier service (PDF)

Use this form to document air travel on a foreign (non-U.S.) carrier. 

More information about the Fly America Act can be found on the Travel website or at the U.S. General Services Administration website.

Revision date: Sep-2015

Confirming Order Justification (PDF) This form must accompany any request for (non-travel) reimbursement of purchases of more than $500. The full executed form should be attached to the accompanying AggieTravel expense report.
Controlled Substance Receipt Authorization (PDF) Used to add, delete, or update controlled substance receivers assigned to a department.
CTS Form (PDF)

Program name changed to Preferred Booking Program. See Preferred Booking Program Form.

Cylinder Return Request (Webform) Used to request the pick-up of gas cylinders rented from the UC Davis Central Storehouse.
Declaration of Lost or Destroyed UCD Check (PDF) Use when a check is lost or destroyed and you want to stop payment or have the check re-issued.
Declaration of Lost Receipt (PDF) Complete this form when all means to obtain an original receipt have been exhausted. This form is not used for Travel reimbursements.
Decontamination Form (Webform) Include in addition to the AggieSurplus Service Request form when items contain, or were used to store, hazardous materials. Complete with the help of your department EH&S Specialist.
Direct Deposit Form

Employee pay (payroll) and Employee expense reimbursements (e.g. travel expenses) are now processed through UCPath.

Document Correction Request (Webform) Use to correct or cancel a KFS document that is en route.
Entertainment Expense Form (EEV) (PDF)

This form must accompany entertainment expenses paid in KFS.

This form is not used for AggieTravel entertainment transactions.

Revision date: May-2015

Equipment for Research - Sales Tax Reduction Worksheet (PDF) This form can be used to request a tax reduction for equipment purchases for research purposes in California; it should be attached to the appropriate purchasing document in KFS or AggieBuy.
Equipment Loan Agreement Form (PDF) Used to document the loan of a supply or capital asset item from an outside entity to a university department.
Equipment Loan Agreement Modification Form (PDF) Used to make updates to a previously-created Equipment Loan Agreement form.
Foreign Travel Wire Transfer (Webform)

Submit this form when an AggieTravel reimbursement requires a foreign wire transfer.

Revision date: Apr-2016

Hazardous Material Information Sheet (PDF) Form to be completed if shipping items that meet the criteria of hazardous as defined on the form.
Independent Contractor (Individual) Pre-Hire Information Form (PDF) Complete prior to contracting or renewing a contract for independent contractor (individual) services to ensure the appropriate process to complete.
Individual Disclosure Statement for Proposed Sole Source Purchase (PDF) Each person involved in the recommendation for Sole Sourcing must complete the disclosure form. Both forms should be electronically attached to your KFS Requisition (REQS) document. 
Lodging Limit Justification (PDF)

UCOP G-28 Travel policy limits lodging nightly rates to a maximum of $275/night when traveling in lower 48 states for less than 30 days. If requesting reimbursement for more than this limit, please complete this form, obtain appropriate approvals, and attach the form to your AggieTravel Expense report.

Revision date: Oct-2017

Microscope Services Billing Look-Up (Webform) Review departmental charges associated with the rentals processed though the Microscope Services unit.
Mileage Log Form 2020 (PDF)

Mileage record sheet for those who turn in more than one mileage expense per report time (i.e. monthly).

Revision date: Jan-2020

2019 Mileage Log Form(PDF)

Moving & Relocation Travel Expense Form (PDF)

This form is to be used only for moving and relocation expenses and must accompany travel expenses paid in KFS.

Revision date: Jan-2020

2019 Moving & Relocation Travel Expense Form

New Mail Stop/ID Request (PDF) Used to request the addition or deletion of a mail stop or to update information on an existing mail stop.
On View Form (Webform) Include in addition to the AggieSurplus Service Request form when items are being sold on-site in the department and not at AggieSurplus.
Performance Agreement - information and agreement template (PDF) Performance services can be obtained by departments without going through Procurement & Contracting Services if this form is properly completed and attached to your KFS document.
Portable Electronic Agreement (PDF) Used to certify university-owned equipment is in the possession of an employee.
Preferred Booking Program Form (Formerly "CTS" Form)

Make local hotel and other travel-related reservations for individual or group travelers and entertainment events.

Procurement Card Limit Increase

To request a limit increase, either a Temporary Increase Request Form (PDF)  or Permanent Increase Request Form (PDF) must be completed, signed, and submitted by the fiscal officer for the account assigned to that card. Please e-mail the completed form to for consideration.

  • More Information on Credit Increases
  • There are circumstances when a department may need to increase the limit on a Procurement Card to make a one-time purchase or several purchases during a selected amount of time. There are also instances when a department has a high volume of recurring purchases and they may need to request a permanent increase for their Procurement Card.  Both of these situations can be accommodated, with appropriate approvals and justification. (Note: increases to the individual transaction limit that exceed the departmental delegation of $4999.99 are rarely granted, and only under tightly controlled situations. Please contact us prior to completing a request for such an exception, so we can discuss the situation with you.)

    The current standard limits are as follows (these are standard limits, some limits can be lower depending on the department):
    > Transaction limit: $4,999.99
    > Daily limit: $10,000.00
    > Monthly (cycle) limit: $25,000.00

Repair & Services Payment with P-Card Agreement (PDF) Must accompany any P-Card payment for Repairs and Maintenance Services under $5,000.
Report of Proposed Transaction Involving Potential Conflict of Interest (PDF) Required if contracting with a current or former UC employee or near relative.
Request Check Copy (Webform) If a check has been cashed and the recipient needs proof, use this form to request a copy of the cancelled check.
Request for Quotation (PDF) Optional form that can be used if contacting multiple suppliers to get price information, only for purchases within the departmental delegation.
Request Postage Stamps (Webform) Used by departments to request the purchase of postage stamps. Departments are not to use other methods of purchasing postage stamps.
Request to Cancel Check (PDF) Used when a check needs to be cancelled before it is cashed. Requires check to be attached and mailed to Accounts Payable.
Scope of Work Requirements Worksheet (PDF) Required anytime the contract will cover services provided, regardless of whether the university is providing the service(s) or a contractor will be providing the service(s). 
Shredding Service Request (Webform)

Document requests for confidential document shredding.

Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification Form (PDF)

Form also available on the UC Office of the President website.

To be used when a request is for a federally-funded purchase equal to or greater than $10,000, or a non-federally-funded purchase equal to or greater than $100,000, and the transaction is not utilizing an existing Purchase Agreement or AggieBuy, or as otherwise specified in the Bidding Guidelines. This form is also to be used for Sole Source Justification Requests; with additional required form, Individual Disclosure Statement to be completed.
Special Messenger Request (Webform) Used to request a special mail pick-up for your department, in addition to the regular mail pick-up time.
Special Sale/Service Authorization (PDF) Used to document a departmental proposal to sell goods and services to non-university individuals.
Sponsorship Agreement - information and agreement template (PDF)

A Sponsorship Agreement must be completed when the university makes a contribution in support of an event produced by another entity, and the university is receiving a benefit in exchange for the financial contribution; this form should be attached to your KFS document: 

  • If the form is not modified in any way, you should complete a KFS Requisition.
  • If the form is modified in any way, you should complete a KFS Purchase Agreement.
Stop Payment Request Form (Webform) If a check is lost or stolen, complete the Stop Payment Request Form to have the check cancelled or reissued.
Transient Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate for Governmental Agencies (PDF)

Use this form to receive tax exemption from hotels, as applicable.

Revision date: Nov-2018

Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) (PDF)

This form must accompany (non-relocation) travel expenses paid in KFS.

This form is only for the Davis campus, excluding the School of Medicine, and UC Davis Health.

Revision date: Nov-2018

Travel Visa Card Application (Webform)

NEW! Online application for a Travel card to use for travel and entertainment expenses. 

Please be advised that the online Travel Card application can only be accessed using Chrome or Firefox web browsers.

Travel Visa Card Form (PDF) Use only when prompted by the online Travel Visa card application.
UC Business Travel Insurance (webform) This form is required each time a traveler leaves California unless reservations are made through AggieTravel or a ConnexUC travel partner (excluding SWABIZ).
UC Davis Customs Form (PDF) Required for international shipments via FedEx, UPS or DHL. 
Note: For shipments sent through the US Postal Service, please complete the appropriate USPS Customs form .
UC Davis Shipping Memo (PDF) Required for any outbound shipments that are not processed via AggieShip.
Vehicle Form (Webform) Include in addition to the AggieSurplus Service Request form when item is a vehicle.
Vendor Performance Report (Webform) This form is currently unavailable, however we still encourage you to share feedback regarding UC Davis suppliers. Send an email with supplier feedback to; whenever possible, include relevant purchase order numbers, name(s) of supplier representatives, and any other details that help demonstrate the type of service provided.
W-9 Form (PDF) If you have received a W-9 from a UC Davis supplier, through the mail or in-person, please see the W-9 instructions page.  If you are sending this link to the vendor, we will send them instructions on uploading it when we receive your vendor request in KFS.