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To be considered entertainment, an event should have a guest-host relationship. Official guests attend an event, at the invitation of a UC Davis host, for a valid business purpose. 

December 2019 Update: New 30-minute Entertainment Online Training is now available! Whether your department is hosting a conference, workshop, or catering a large event, this training will assist you in making appropriate decisions.

Business meetings

(meeting must have at least one UC Davis employee present)

  • Visitors and guests
  • Faculty/student/staff meetings
  • Research/events–foreign countries

Please note: When two or more employees choose to dine together in order to continue business, or when a meeting can be scheduled during regular working hours, reimbursement for the meal is not allowed.

Donor Relations

  • Hosting a conference
  • Donor fundraising meetings
  • Prospective donor and/or spouse (requires additional approval)
  • Chancellor convocations & events
  • Show tickets provided to prospective donors, employees, or student appointees in connection with an entertainment event (requires additional approval)

Programmatic Activities

  • Athletic team activities (in accordance with NCAA rules)
  • Student orientations
  • Student commencements
  • Academic research events
  • Continuing education programs


  • Prospective student athletes and student scholars
  • Prospective faculty and other specialized positions

On-the-Job Meals

  • Employee is required to be on site in connection with a university business purpose
  • Meals provided to volunteers and research subjects (clinical trials)

Morale Building Expenses

  • Team building events
  • Retirement events (at least five years of service)

Meals provided to a spouse, domestic partner, or other partner requires additional approval

University of California Business and Finance Bulletin 79 (UCOP BUS-79) is the policy that applies to Entertainment expenses. Referring to the policy while planning events will aid in processing transactions for business meetings, recruitment events, or student programs efficiently.