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The cost of airfare should be the lowest available commensurate with the requirements and itinerary of the trip. If you choose to drive to a destination normally traveled to via air, the more economical option will be reimbursed. 


  • Use AggieTravel whenever possible. Recommended tool for making airline reservations.
  • All trips purchased through AggieTravel are automatically registered.
  • The expense will import directly into AggieTravel as a Preferred Booking Program expense (also known as "CTS") for trip expense reporting.  

To make Reservations

  1. Enter your departure airport, arrival airport, and trip dates into the Trip Search.
  2. The system will find flights for you to choose from. 
  3. Select and reserve the flight using the campus Preferred Booking Program direct billing payment method. 
  4. You may choose to add a car rental reservation and/or hotel reservation at the same time.
    • Please remember, car rental and hotel reservations are not pre-paid through AggieTravel. You can make reservations through AggieTravel, but you'll need to pay the vendor directly using your Travel Card or a personal credit card and seek reimbursement after the trip concludes.

Business or First Class

These airfares always require an exception to policy and are only permitted in the following circumstances:

  1. Lowest cost
  2. Medical
  3. Circuitous routing
  4. Red eye flights with required work upon arrival

See the Airfare Exception form (PDF) for more details.

Buyer Beware of Basic Economy


United, American and Delta have versions of a no-frills, highly restrictive airfare they call “Basic Economy.” These fares are meant to compete directly with discount airlines such as Spirit Air and Allegiant, but come with some serious restrictions that may not be for everyone. The average savings on Basic Economy are usually just under $20 and since these fares are now available in all domestic U.S. markets, travelers should consider the restrictions carefully before booking anything. Some Basic Economy restrictions include:

  • NO option to pick a seat, even for a fee – seats will be assigned at check-in;
  • NO boarding priority, regardless of airline status or UC perks – “Basic Economy” travelers board last;
  • NO carry-on bags allowed AND a possible fee of $25 if bag is too big to fit under the seat;
  • NO flexibility to change or cancel the flight

In order to protect UCs travelers, ConnexUC agencies have blocked the sale of United-N Class, American-B Class and Delta-E Class from the online booking tools. If you wish to purchase these specific class of tickets, please contact the travel agency and a full-service agent will assist you.


An online travel booking portal developed for UC travelers to plan and book their travel. ConnexUC offers the Preferred Booking Program (also known as "CTS") for direct billing, reducing out of pocket expenses and providing convenient, flexible options for making reservations online or through a full service travel agent. ConnexUC also allows UC to capture all UC travel expenditures and provides discount rates for airfare, hotel accommodations and car rentals.

ConnexUC is accessed through the Company Notes section of AggieTravel.

Reference the ConnexUC page for more details. 

Travel Card

UC Davis employees may receive a UC Davis Travel Visa Card for travel and/or entertainment expenses. Employees with a Travel card must make airline reservations using the AggieTravel Travel Reservation module or a ConnexUC agency, whenever possible. If reservations are made through any other airline or agency, the ticket purchased must adhere to travel policy G-28.

Trips booked outside of AggieTravel must be registered with UC Away.  

Personal Credit Card

Although personal  funds may be used when purchasing airfare for official University business through AggieTravel, a ConnexUC agency, or through an airline directly, this is not the officially recommended practice.  Airfare purchased using personal funds will not be reimbursed until after the trip end date. The use of the university Travel card is the recommended practice. 

Reconciling Airfare in AggieTravel

  • Airfare should be reconciled through AggieTravel within 45 days of the trip's end date.
  • Paid receipts are required and must show the amount paid, the departure dates, locations, and class of service. 
  • If using the Preferred Booking Program, airfare should be reconciled in advance of the trip. 

Airfare Expense Types

  • Airfare
  • Paid receipts are always required.

    Airfare is used to reconcile out of pocket and Travel card airline ticket purchase. 

    Tickets purchased using the Preferred Booking Program account will automatically use expense type: Direct Billing Imported Expense.

    Object Codes:
    2040 - in-state travel
    2240 - out-of-state travel
    2940 - foreign travel
  • Airfare, Additional Fees
  • 1. Baggage - paid receipt is required if over $75
    2. Ticket Change Fee - provide a comment, paid receipt is required
    3. On Board Internet Access - for business use only
    4. Seat Selection/Reservation - provide a comment; paid receipt is required
    5. Upgrade - provide a comment and indicate upgrade on airline ticket for proper approvals and exception routing; paid receipt is required 
    6. Priority Access - provide a comment; paid receipt is required if over $75
    7. Other - provide a comment; paid receipt is required if over $75

    Object Codes:
    2040 - in-state travel
    2240 - out-of-state travel
    2940 - foreign travel

Refer to the Creating an Expense Report page for further instruction. 

Questions? Email the Travel Help Desk.