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Preferred Booking Program (Direct Billing System)

Welcome to the UC Davis Preferred Booking Program, formerly known as CTS, or Central Travel System.  The Preferred Booking Program direct billing system allows university employees to arrange catering through the campus Olive & Vine Catering and book local hotels, while taking advantage of favorable university terms and conditions.

What Does It Cover?

The UC Davis Preferred Booking Program (formerly Central Travel System) currently covers local hotel lodging, but will potentially be expanded to cover ground transportation and other expenses. It allows select hotels in Davis and Sacramento to charge lodging expenses directly to university employees using their own Preferred Booking Program account. The Preferred Booking Program offers a direct billing option for university guests, and for those without a Travel card conducting official university business.

After the purchase is made using the Preferred Booking Program  direct-bill option, airfare, lodging, and UC Davis Catering expenses import directly into AggieTravel.

mobile expense icon  Preferred Booking Program Imported Expenses import into the AggieTravel Available Expenses list and are identified by both the expense type and a mobile device icon. 

What Doesn't It Cover?

The Preferred Booking Program is NOT to be used for room rental expenses related to entertainment. A university Travel Visa card should be used for those types of expenses.  The Preferred Booking Program hotel program is only for lodging reservations. 

Hotels Offering Special Discounts to UC Davis

Hotel Address Phone/Fax/Email More Information
Kimpton Sawyer logo

The Kimpton Sawyer Hotel: Downtown Sacramento

500 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 545-7100

Fax: (916) 545-7101

Informational PDF

Friends & Family Discount PDF


UC Davis Area Hotels


Additional Details

Preferred Booking Program Information

AggieInn Logo


Aggie Inn

245 1st Street
Davis, CA  95616
Phone: (530) 756-0352

Send the completed Form to:

logo for courtyard marriott


Courtyard by Marriott

4422 Y Street
Sacramento, CA  95817
Phone: (916) 455-6800
Fax: (916) 669-1031

Send the completed Form to :

Fax: (916) 669-1031 or

Hilton Garden inn logo


Hallmark Inn

110 F Street
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (800) 753-0035
Fax: (530) 758-7421

Send the completed Form to:

hyatt place logo


Hyatt Place

173 Old Davis Road Extension
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 756-9500
Fax: (530) 297-6900

Send the completed Form to:

Note: UC Davis Contracting Services has approved the following Hyatt Place forms:

Hyatt Meeting Room Reservation Agreement (PDF)
Hyatt Group Reservation Agreement (PDF)
Hyatt Group and Meeting Room Reservation Agreement (PDF)

Kimpton Sawyer logo


Kimpton Sawyer Hotel
500 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 399-4720

Send the completed Form to:
best western palm court hotel logo


Palm Court Hotel

234 D Street
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 753-7100
Fax: (530) 753-8761

Send the completed Form to Hector:

Fax: 530 758-5112 or


Best Western University Lodge Logo

University Lodge

123 B Street

Davis, CA 95616

Phone: (530) 756-7890



Email the completed Form to:
university park inn logo


University Park Inn & Suites

1111 Richards Blvd.
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: (530) 756-0910
Fax: (530) 758-0978

Send the completed Form to Hector:

Fax: 530 758-5112 or


How To Reserve Lodging in the Program

  1. Contact hotel to confirm availability.
  2. Complete the Preferred Booking Program Hotel Reservation Form.
  3.  The hotel will email a reservation confirmation to the arranger, typically within 24 hours.
  4. The form should be attached to the applicable AggieTravel report when the transaction is reconciled.

Preferred Booking Program Hotel Reservation Form Instructions

1.  Reservation Information (select the appropriate check box on the form):

  • Individual-Enter the trip name, traveler’s name and 8-digit AggieTravel ID number.
  • Group/Entertainment -Enter the group/eventname, coordinator’s name, and the coordinator’s 8-digit AggieTravel ID number and attach a list of traveler names for room reservations.

2.  Hotel Information

  • Enter the name of the desired hotel, along with the preferred room type, number of nights, number of rooms, and check in/out dates

3.  Department Contact Information

  • Enter the campus department arranger’s name, phone, email and the name of the department
  • Enter a 4-digit departmental billing ID

4.  Department Head or Fiscal Officer Approval

  • Enter the name and title of the approver
  • Obtain approver’s signature

For individual travel : Submit the completed form to the hotel by email or fax.

For Group/Entertainment Travel: Attach a list of travelers to the completed form and submit to the hotel by email or fax.  NOTE: Entertainment travel applies when hosting a group of travelers at UC Davis.

If an incorrect Traveler ID is entered, or if the hotel supplies an incorrect ID on the billing feed, the transaction will not import and may require manual revision by the UC Davis Banking Card team. If the transaction does not import into AggieTravel within two weeks from date of departure, verify a valid Billing ID is entered in the traveler’s AggieTravel profile, and contact for assistance.

Viewing/Reconciling Transactions in AggieTravel and FIS Decision Support (DS)

The Preferred Booking Program transactions automatically import into AggieTravel and FIS Decision Support (DS).  They appear on the various AggieTravel reports in FIS DS

Managing Credits for Refunded Transactions

  • When a refund is issued for lodging or airfare booked through the Preferred Booking Program, the credit will automatically upload and display in AggieTravel.
  • Reconcile the credit as you did the original expense in AggieTravel.  An AggieTravel report can be submitted with a negative dollar amount when it only includes Preferred Booking Program credits.

Missing Preferred Booking Program Transactions: Employees

Before contacting the Travel Help Desk about missing Preferred Booking Program transactions, follow these steps:

  1. Check Decision Support FIS421. If the Related Full Accounting Unit (FAU) column does not display a chart-account, it means your department does not have a default billing account on file. 
    1. Contact your department's fiscal officer or budget analyst and request they send a Preferred Booking Program default billing account to
    2. Once the default billing account is received and entered by the Travel team, the Preferred Booking Program Transaction should automatically import the following day.
  2. If a chart-account does display on Decision Support FIS421, email the Travel Help Desk:
    • Subject line = Preferred Booking Program: [Traveler’s Name], [Traveler ID#]
    • Attach = Airfare Itinerary or Local Hotel Preferred Booking Program form corresponding to the missing transaction.

Missing Preferred Booking Program Transactions: Non-Employees

  1. Before contacting the Travel Help Desk about missing Preferred Booking Program transactions, you must first confirm that the Non-Employee traveler has the correct traveler ID.
  2. If the traveler ID is not formatted as “N1000####” the first step is to create their profile using the Non-Employee Application.
  3. Confirm the correct Non-Employee AggieTravel traveler ID was used for the reservation.
  4. For local hotels, confirm the traveler ID is correct on both the Preferred Booking Program form and the hotel invoice.
  5. For airfare, confirm the traveler ID is correct on the airfare itinerary.
  6. If the Traveler ID is valid, email the Travel Help Desk: 
    1. Subject line = Preferred Booking Program: [Traveler’s Name], [Traveler ID#]. 
    2. Attach = Airfare Itinerary or Local Hotel Preferred Booking Program  form corresponding to the missing transaction.
  7. If the wrong Traveler ID was used, email the Travel Help Desk:
    1. Subject line = Preferred Booking Program : [Traveler’s Name], [Traveler ID#] (Use the correct ID here)
    2. In the email, note the incorrect ID that was used, and the correct ID that should be used. If the expense has not been imported into another (incorrect) profile, the Travel card team will import the transaction into the correct traveler’s profile.
    3. Attach = Airfare Itinerary or Local Hotel Preferred Booking Program form corresponding to the missing transaction.

Unreconciled Preferred Booking Program Transactions (> 1 year old)

Unreconciled Preferred Booking Program expenses which have not been added to an AggieTravel report for over 1 year are no longer available for reconciliation.

These expenses were already charged to the department account when originally imported. As a reminder, all expenses must be reconciled in AggieTravel within 60 days of the trip or event end date. 

If there is a need to change the charge account for a direct billed expense that is no longer available in AggieTravel due to its age, please complete a KFS General Error Correction (GEC) document. Please note: a GEC should only be processed when the transaction is no longer available in AggieTravel. 

For more information about the GEC document visit General Error Correction: Importing Accounting Lines Procedures or contact