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Travel Card

Are you a current Travel cardholder?  Have you taken the training for the new Travel Card Corporate Liability Card program coming this Spring?  This training is required for ALL cardholders who wish to continue using their Travel card after the new program is implemented later this Spring.  Don't delay!  Take the training today! 

The UC Davis Visa Travel Card is a university-sponsored card issued to UC Davis employees who travel or entertain on behalf of the university. 

If you've been issued a replacement card due to having your prior card lost or stolen, inform the Travel Help Desk.


  • Separated employees and non-employees are not eligible.
  • Applicants should complete Travel Card Online Training and the online application.
  • The card is issued based on UC employment status, not on personal credit history. 
  • Cards are automatically reissued to cardholders with open accounts in good credit standing every three years. 
  • Charge activity, account status, and any delinquency information will be obtained by the university and delinquent notices will be sent out by US Bank and the UC Davis Travel & Entertainment office.  The university will collect specific, meaningful historical data, which will facilitate negotiations.


  • No annual fees to the individual employee.
  • No interest/delinquency fees if payment is received by the end of the next monthly billing cycle.
  • Worldwide full value primary auto rental insurance coverage.
  • Travel accident insurance for both the traveler and accompanying family members during business travel. Each person is covered for $500,000 for accidental loss of life.
  • Lost or stolen baggage coverage and assistance up to $1,250.
  • Travel and emergency assistance.
  • Employees save both time and money for the university, their department approvers, and themselves. 

Using the Travel Card

The Travel card should be used for all travel and entertainment expenses where payment by Visa is allowed, including:

  • airfare
  • hotel and lodging
  • car rental
  • meals

Once used, the Travel card transactions automatically import into AggieTravel, where they can be assigned to a travel or entertainment report.

Contingent Liability

The Travel card is considered Contingent Liability. This means that the university is responsible for paying all approved travel and entertainment expenses, while the cardholder is responsible for accurately completing all required documentation in AggieTravel in a timely fashion to ensure payments are made prior to the payment deadline. 

The cardholder is responsible for ensuring that their card balance is kept current and are responsible for paying any late fees directly to the bank.

Personal Expenses Not Allowed

Policy does not permit using the Travel card for personal expenses.  If a personal expense occurs, the cardholder must indicate this expense as "personal" on their AggieTravel report and remit payment for the personal expense directly to the bank.

Reporting Tools

There are several tools available for managing and reconciling Travel card activity.