Fiscal Close: Information for Purchasing, AP, and Travel Transactions

This page provides information on preparing for fiscal close with your purchasing, accounts payable, and travel transactions.

The fiscal year runs July 1 through June 30. In addition to the information below, please refer to the Finance and Business Fiscal Close website

Importance of Preparation

  • Some accounts/funds expire at end of fiscal year; work with your fiscal officers to make sure you are aware of the types of accounts you have.
  • Some accounts/funds may require usage and posting by fiscal year end.
  • Transactions require approvals before posting to the General Ledger; allow enough time for approvals to take place.
  • Before submitting your Requisition in Aggie Enterprise, make sure any required supporting documentation is added in the Notes and Attachments section.   

2023-24 Fiscal Close Deadlines


Monday, 5/27 @ 5pmDeadline for SCM Shared Services clients to submit OPP (Online Pre-Purchasing) requests for supplier registrations, or updates, to facilitate invoicing. Other shared service groups or academic clusters may have different deadlines. Check with your department business office for more information.  Although this is a university holiday, submissions will be accepted through 5pm this day.
Monday, 6/03 @ 5pmDeadline for submitting new supplier registrations and supplier update requests needed for FY23-24 Invoices or Payment Requests. 
Friday, 6/07 @ 5pmDeadline for SCM Shared Services clients to submit OPP requests for processing Payment Requests (non-PO payments). Other shared service groups or academic clusters may have different deadlines. Check with your department business office for more information.
Friday, 6/14 @ 5pmDeadline for submitting FY23-24 Invoices and Payment Requests to
Friday, 6/21 @ 5pm
Friday, 6/28 @ 5pm

Deadline for department approval of AggieExpense Procurement Card reports.

Deadline to submit Invoices through boundary applications.

Wednesday, 7/03 @ 5pmDeadline for campus approvers to approve FY23-24 Invoices and Payment Requests. 

Please note: 

  • Any missing or incorrect information or attachments may result in transactions not being fully processed by fiscal year-end.
  • Purchase Orders approved after June 28 will post encumbrances to FY24-25. 

Managing Open Orders and Unreconciled Expenses

There are several Aggie Enterprise reports that can assist with fiscal close activities


  • The Unreconciled Card Expenses (418) report displays outstanding Procurement Card and Travel Card expenses, while the Unreconciled Direct Billing Expenses (421) can alert you to any outstanding direct-billed expenses in AggieExpense.   Learn how to access and run these queries to ensure that your card and other travel and entertainment expenses post in the appropriate fiscal year.

Purchasing Reminders for Fiscal Close

Supplier Records

Make sure supplier information is current for any upcoming suppliers you plan to use in Aggie Enterprise or on the Payment Request document; update supplier records as needed, and allow time for review and approval of updates.  

Aggie Enterprise Catalog Orders

For catalog orders, allow time for departmental approval and order fulfillment by supplier. Some orders may take longer than others to fulfill, such as customized computer, oligos, and furniture orders.

Aggie Enterprise Non-Catalog Orders

For Aggie Enterprise non-catalog Requisition documents above the Automatic Purchase Order (APO) limit and for restricted commodity purchases, allow additional time for Procurement & Contracting Services to review, negotiate, and create Purchase Orders.

Procurement Card

Allow enough time for the transactions to be paid by the bank and to post to the General Ledger.  Complete all AggieExpense reconciliation reports for your Procurement Card transactions prior to the end of June, so that charges post to desired account/object codes for the current Fiscal Year.

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