Small and Diverse Business Resources

The University of California, and UC Davis, are committed to the small and diverse business community. 

Learn what we are doing to increase engagement and spend with our small and diverse suppliers, and how you can increase your visibility.

Understand Your Business Classification Type

There are multiple small and diverse business classification categories.  Understanding and properly documenting them can ensure that you are able to access and secure relevant purchasing information.

Make Sure You are Registered with the University of California AND UC Davis!

Complete the University of California AND UC Davis registration forms (Davis campus and UC Davis Health campus).  These forms make your business data available to our buyers in Procurement and Contracting Services, as well as our departmental buyers.  This will help expedite future purchases with your organization.

Get Certified as a Small Business (SB) or Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) if Appropriate

Cal eProcure has guidelines and instructions on getting certified as an SB or DVBE.  Some of the UC programs allow for purchases only to certified SB or DVBE businesses.

After getting certified, registering with is a good way to increase your visibility with potential customers. is an online platform for buyers searching for small and diverse businesses.

Review the Small Business Administration Program

The Small Business Administration program offers many resources and tools for small businesses, and may be helpful for some of you.

Learn More About the Chambers of Commerce

A local chamber of commerce can help your business increase its visibility with the larger community.  Some of the local ones in the Davis and Sacramento area include:

UC Commitment to Small and Diverse Businesses: Small Business First

Wherever practicable, University of California contracts and procurement between $10K and $250K* are to be awarded to a certified Small Business (SB) or Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE).  This is part of the UC Small Business First program.
The informal solicitation process for Small Business First requires:
  • One quote for purchases between $10K and below $100K
  • Two quotes for purchases between $100K up to $250K

There is a waiver process for when the Small Business First program is not feasible, or when contracting with other business types is justified.

*There are some exceptions:

  • Purchases through an existing strategically-sourced agreement
  • Design and construction
  • Revenue/reimbursement contracts
  • Federal government / local government / inter-agency agreements
  • Research sub-awards
  • Higher education institution agreements
  • Concessions
  • Statutorily-exempt, policy exempt, emergency, proprietary, local assistance/subvention
  • Federally-funded purchases
  • Supplies and materials used in patient care

What Procurement and Contracting Services is Doing to Help

Procurement and Contracting Services is creating more campuswide purchasing agreements for small and diverse businesses, making it easier for our departmental customers to purchase pre-approved goods and services from these businesses, in our e-procurement system, AggieBuy, and our in our financial system, Kuali.

Procurement and Contracting Services will also be creating more opportunities for small and diverse businesses to learn more about UC Davis' purchasing and payment practices.

Small Business Program Officer

Steven Kobayashi is the Small Business Program Officer for UC Davis.  You can email him or call 530-754-1372.