UC Flight Credit Sharing Program

In partnership with BCD Travel and UC Travel, the University has implemented a Flight Credit Sharing program with the following airlines: Alaska Airlines, American, Delta, and United. This page provides information about the program and how it works.

Program Overview

Under this program, any flight credits for Alaska Airlines, American, Delta, and United nearing expiration will be made available for any UC Davis traveler - regardless of who originally purchased the ticket. Travelers will book as usual in AggieExpense, and if a flight credit is available to be shared, BCD Travel will apply the credit on the back-end and only charge the new traveler for the remaining net due. In other words, new trips that can leverage an expiring credit will be less expensive!  This is a fantastic opportunity to lower the overall cost of travel for the rest of the University while maximizing the usage of our credits.

Available to all Employees

This program applies to all flight credits that meet the above criteria, regardless of an employee’s headquarters, and includes employee travelers at ANR, UC Davis Health, and School of Medicine.

Additional Considerations

Due to the inherent difficulties in tracking the application of credits to new flights, flights previously expensed to federal grants are not treated differently from other flights in this program.

Can the credit be used for personal travel?

No. You are not permitted to use flight credits for flights that were previously expensed to the
University for personal travel – for any reason.  This program is for official university business travel only.

When is a flight credit shared?

If you have a flight credit, it will be made available to be shared if:
1. It is within 120 days of expiring
2. It was originally purchased using AggieExpense/BCD Travel, and
3. The flight credit is with Alaska Airlines, American, Delta, or United

Note: The University will also make available any flight credits purchased on behalf of guests or employees who have since separated. These will be available for sharing immediately.

What if I was planning to use this credit for a new UC trip before it becomes eligible for sharing?

Until it becomes eligible for sharing (120 days before expiration), your flight credit remains just for you. The best practice is to use it as soon as you can for a new UC business trip.

And even after it is eligible, your credit will remain available for your use until it expires or is applied to another traveler’s trip – whichever comes first.

Contact the Travel Help Desk if your original flight credit was not available to you and you weren't able to utilize another flight credit.

What do I do if my credit has already been shared to someone else at UC Davis, but I still wanted to use it for a new UC trip?

You will be eligible to use other credits in the flight credit sharing program pool.

Book the new ticket you want as usual through AggieExpense, and BCD then compares that to any available flight credits. If a credit is found that matches (airline, class of service, type of ticket), they will then switch your booked ticket with the credit, and send you an updated invoice.  All of this happens in the 24-hour period after you have confirmed your ticket.

Who should I contact if I have a question?

Questions about your flight or flight credit should be directed to BCD Travel:

Questions about the flight credit program should be directed to the Travel Help Desk at travelhelp@ucdavis.edu.