Travel Insurance

When traveling on business, faculty, staff, and students are covered under the UC Business Travel Accident Insurance Program

Other individuals traveling on behalf of the university are covered for extraction if stranded in a foreign location, should that be necessary.

Following are important insurance considerations:

  • Travel outside California: Requires a completed insurance form before the trip. The form is not required when making reservations through AggieExpense since enrollment in the insurance program is automatic.
  • Vehicle rentals: When renting vehicles from a university-contracted supplier, you are generally covered for Liability and Loss Damage Waiver (i.e., in the Continental United States). If insurance is included, decline these coverages when signing the agreement because they are not reimbursable.
  • Medical coverage: Travelers covered by a UC insurance plan will be covered by that plan while traveling in the U.S. For travel outside the U.S., out of country medical insurance is provided for emergencies.
  • Loss of Personal Effects coverage: Includes trip cancellation/interruption, luggage and personal property other than laptops; replacement is at current value and is subject to a deductible. Applicable to travel outside of the U.S. only.