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Travel Card Eligibility & Application

Determine eligibility and how to apply for a Travel Card.

The instructions on this page are for applying for the CURRENT Travel Card program.  Refer to the instructions on the Travel Card Corporate Liability Program page for information on the NEW Travel Card program coming in April/May 2020.

Who can obtain a card?

UC Davis career and contracted employees are eligible for a card.

What do you need to apply for the card?

  1. Kerberos login ID and passphrase
  2. Department chart of accounts and 7-digit account
    • Contact your department’s fiscal officer to obtain this information
  3. Department head approval 
    • You will need to manually enter your department head's name into the application
    • Department head's electronic signature will be required on the agreement before the application is processed
    • Complete the Travel card online training available at
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or newer
    • Preferred internet browser
      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox

    The online Travel Card application can only be accessed using Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Please consult with your local IT department if you are experiencing issues with your current version of either browser. 

    How do you apply for the card?

    Upon determining eligibility and readiness, follow the steps listed below to apply for a card. A notification will be sent to each applicant once his/her application has been received and approved.

    1. Complete the online training. The application link is available at the end of the training.  
    2. Complete the online application. (You will need to enter your department head's name in the application.)
    3. You will receive an email from Travel card via DocuSign.
    4. Follow the instructions provided in the email to electronically sign the agreement form. Click the Finish button at the top of the page.
    5. The agreement will then route to the department head, identified on the application, for their signature.
    6. Once signed by the department head, the application will automatically route to the Card Program team to be processed. 

    Contact the Card Program

    • Our contact email is .
    • If you need your Travel card to arrive within two weeks, email your request for rush processing. 
    • If you have a business need for a card limit greater than the standard $5,000, email an explanation of your business needs for an increased limit. Requests for limits exceeding $10,000 require additional department head approval.
    • Allow 7–10 business days for processing and 10 business days for U.S. Bank to mail the card to your address.