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Using the P-Card

The Procurement Card can be used for delegated departmental purchases of allowable goods and services from suppliers who accept Visa.

Change to the Single Transaction Spending Limit effective 12/7/20 - Learn more here.
June 9, 2020: Per policy changes, repairs and services are no longer allowable Procurement Card transactions

Your first purchasing option should always be AggieBuy, but the Procurement Card is a good option when items are not available in AggieBuy.

Allowable Purchases

Note: The Procurement Card can only be used up to the card daily limit ($9,999.99 for most users), regardless of a higher limit that may be set for a university agreement.

  • Items available on university supply agreements that are not available in AggieBuy. The Procurement Card can be used to purchase against an agreement, if the commodities on the agreement are allowable Procurement Card expenses, and only within the card spending limit, regardless of the amount allowed on the agreement. 
    • If using a Procurement Card with a supplier with which a university agreement exists, you must identify yourself as a UC Davis employee and provide the agreement number to the vendor, so that the purchase will be properly covered under the terms of the agreement. 
    • Failing to disclose the agreement information at the time of the purchase may result in the purchase not being covered under the agreement terms and conditions.
  • Published materials - Advertisements and copyrighted materials, including books, educational films, CDs and video tapes
  • Memberships (Additional documentation and approvals required)
  • Utility Payments
  • Office Furniture (up to $500)
  • There are times when the P-card can be used to pay for conference registration, webinars, and other trainings. More information.

Unallowable Purchases

  • Online suppliers that require the cardholder to agree to terms and conditions in order to complete the purchase, except those suppliers whose terms have been approved by Procurement & Contracting Services
  • Travel-related expenses
  • Entertainment expenses, including food for business meetings
  • Items or services for personal use
  • Repairs and services
  • Software not on an existing purchase agreement. Software on an existing agreement may be purchased on the Procurement Card, following the instructions in the Allowable expenses section above.
  • Excluded Items (identified on the HOW TO: Buy page)
  • Capital Assets
  • Cash advances
  • Postage or mail services
  • Any items requiring the signing of a supplier agreement (e.g., customizable software)
  • Non-office furniture


  • More information on what can and cannot be purchased on the Procurement Card is in the Policy and Procedure Manual, section 350-22.
  • Visit the How To Buy page for a list of all acceptable purchasing options, including AggieBuy, Procurement Card, and the Kuali Financial System (KFS).
  • See the Travel section for information on processing travel and entertainment expenses