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Using the P-Card

The Procurement Card can be used for delegated departmental purchases of allowable goods and services from suppliers who accept Visa.

Change to the Single Transaction Spending Limit effective 12/7/20 - Learn more here.
June 9, 2020: Per policy changes, repairs and services are no longer allowable Procurement Card transactions

Your first purchasing option should always be AggieBuy, but the Procurement Card is a good option when items are not available in AggieBuy.

Allowable Purchases

Note: The Procurement Card can only be used up to the card daily limit ($9,999.99 for most users), regardless of a higher limit that may be set for a university agreement.

  • Items available on university supply agreements that are not available in AggieBuy
  • Published materials - Advertisements and copyrighted materials, including books, educational films, CDs and video tapes
  • Memberships (Additional documentation and approvals required)
  • Utility Payments
  • Office Furniture (up to $500)
  • There are times when the P-card can be used to pay for conference registration, webinars, and other trainings. More information.

Unallowable Purchases

  • Online suppliers that require the cardholder to agree to terms and conditions in order to complete the purchase, except those suppliers whose terms have been approved by Procurement & Contracting Services
  • Travel-related expenses
  • Entertainment expenses, including food for business meetings
  • Items or services for personal use
  • Repairs and services
  • Software
  • Excluded Items (identified on the HOW TO: Buy page)
  • Capital Assets
  • Cash advances
  • Postage or mail services
  • Any items requiring the signing of a supplier agreement (e.g., customizable software)
  • Non-office furniture


  • More information on what can and cannot be purchased on the Procurement Card is in the Policy and Procedure Manual, section 350-22.
  • Visit the How To Buy page for a list of all acceptable purchasing options, including AggieBuy, Procurement Card, and the Kuali Financial System (KFS).
  • See the Travel section for information on processing travel and entertainment expenses