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Special Payment Requests

Special requests relating to the processing of payments are required in a number of circumstances. 

Examples and forms for completing these requests are below:
  • Cancel a Check Payment: When the check that needs to be cancelled is physically in your hands. Complete the Request to Cancel Check form. Then mail (by campus or postal mail) both the check and the Request to Cancel Check form to:

UC Davis Accounts Payable

260 Cousteau Place, Ste. 150

Davis, CA 95618

  • Stop a check payment: If the paper check is not physically available to submit to Accounts Payable, then a Stop Payment Request Form needs to be submitted electronically. Stopping a payment is an action taken by the issuing bank to ensure the check cannot be cashed. This option is best used when we don’t know where the actual paper check is.

  • Change Pay Dates: Some special circumstances require a paper check to be issued before the originally scheduled pay date.

    • If the PREQ has been fully approved, submit a Document Correction Request to change the pay date.

    • If the PREQ has not been fully approved, contact the next approver and request they cancel the document. Then amend the PO with the correct payment terms so the new PREQ will issue with the correct payment date.

  • Re-issue paper check payment: Departments should use a Stop Payment Request Form when notified by a supplier or payee that they have not received a check. 

  • Wire Transfer / Bank Draft: Should only be used for foreign suppliers or travelers.