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HOW TO: Report Expenses

Reporting your travel-related expenses:

Process Conditions/Instructions
  • Supplier accepts credit cards: Use the AggieTravel system for all travel and entertainment expenses. Typically, payments to a supplier are paid using the Travel card.
  • Supplier does not accept credit cards: Payment is submitted using a KFS Disbursement Voucher (DV) with payment reason code Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) or Entertainment Expense Voucher (EEV). Attach the corresponding PDF TEV or EEV to the DV document.
  • All forms are available on the Travel & Entertainment Forms page.
Preparing / Submitting Reports
  • Employees: UC Davis employees can prepare and submit their own AggieTravel reports or they may assign a delegate who can prepare reports on their behalf.
  • Non-employees: AggieTravel reports for non-employees must be prepared and submitted by a delegate and must include a completed Non-Employee Certification form

  • Report Type: Choose the correct Event/Trip Type as this determines the required fields and business rules. Visit Expense Reports for more information.
Lodging & Meals
  • When requesting reimbursement for lodging and meals (M&IE) incurred outside of the continental United States, you may request reimbursement for the actual costs of the lodging or meals, up to the published maximum allowances.
  • Receipts are not required when claiming lodging or meals outside the continental United States, however you should include a copy of the published maximum allowances, by location, with the report attachments

When indicating the Reimbursement Method, consider the following:

  1. Direct Deposit/Paper Check: The employee must have previously enrolled in Direct Deposit for reimbursements (in addition to payroll direct deposit). Otherwise the employee will receive a paper check at their address that appears in KFS.
  2. Mail to Department: The check will be mailed to the recipient’s home department code. This applies to both employees and non-employees.
  3. Mail to Address in Profile: The AggieTravel profile Expense Information screen must be complete.
  4. Bank Draft/Wire Transfer: More information is available here.