Procurement Card (P-Card) Forms

Procurement Card Forms



P-Card Application

Department Heads/Designees are responsible for designating Procurement cardholders. Your application will route for department approval after the fiscal officer approves the Request. (Does not apply to Chart H). 


P-Card Purchase Log (PDF)Use to record purchases made with your Procurement Card.
Dispute Reporting Form This form is no longer available.  Please refer to the 
information on Disputed or Unauthorized Charges
Limit Increase Request

Use AggieExpense to submit a Request to change a card limit.

  • More Information on Limit Increases
  • There are circumstances when a department may need to increase the P-Card limit to make a one-time purchase or several purchases during a selected amount of time. There are also instances when a department has a high volume of recurring purchases and may need to request a permanent increase for their P-Card. Both situations can be accommodated with appropriate approvals and justification.  (Note: increases to the individual transaction limit that exceed the departmental delegation of $9,999.99 are rarely granted, and only under tightly controlled situations.)

    The current standard limits are as follows (some limits can be lower depending on the department):
    > Transaction limit: $9,999.99
    > Daily limit: $10,000.00
    > Monthly (cycle) limit: $25,000.00

UC Davis Gift Card/Gift Certificate Disbursement Log (PDF)This log is to be used to track the distribution of gift cards that have been purchased with a Procurement card.