Online Account Access

This page provides Online Account Access and U.S. Bank Contact Information for the Procurement Card.

Online Account Access

First Time Online Registration

Organization Short Name: UCD

Cardholder zip code = same as billing statement

Social Security Number = Employee ID

View account activity, download statements, and dispute transactions online, in real time. 


Access is available at The first time there, you will have to register your account:

  • The Organization Short Name you will need is "UCD"
  • The Account number and expiration date are required

When establishing your profile, you may click "Additional Account" to enter more than one card. Additional accounts can also be added later under the My Personal Information/Account Access option on the main menu.

You have three attempts to enter the correct information before you will be locked out. Contact U.S. Bank Customer Service at (800) 344-5696 to unlock your account.

U.S. Bank offers online tutorials to help you make the most of your online access. You will need to enter a password when prompted and this is available when you log in to Click on the "Training" link to get the commercial cardholder password.

Phone Inquiries

If you wish to inquire about charges you've incurred, telephone VISA customer service:

  • U.S. Bank VISA 24-hour Customer Service: (800) 344-5696
  • VISA Assistance Center (Emergencies): (800) VISA-911

Multi-factor Authentication (U.S. Bank Inquiries)

Multi-factor authentication will still require you to enter your user ID and password, but effective 8/13/22, you will also have to enter a one-time code.

After entering your user ID and password, you will be asked to identify whether the code should be emailed or texted to you, based on the email address and phone number in your U.S. Bank user profile. After you receive and enter the code, you will then be able to access the U.S. Bank site.

Please note that there is an option to “remember the device” that you are using, which will generally eliminate the need to enter the one-time code in the future. But, if you use a different computer/tablet in the future, you will be required to complete the process to enter a one-time code again. 

Multi-factor Authentication FAQs