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Online Buying Terms & Conditions

With the continuing growth in online purchasing of goods and services come risks to the university.

This page addresses the risk inherent in accepting the terms and conditions associated with such purchases, providing you with guidelines on what is acceptable, and your purchase options.

Signature Authority

In general, university employees are not authorized to sign contracts or agreements on behalf of the university. Such purchases are typically processed on a KFS Purchase Agreement document which routes through Procurement & Contracting Services so the terms and conditions can be thoroughly reviewed. However, with the growth in online goods and services has come another challenge in protecting the university from risk.

Online Terms and Conditions

Many online sellers include terms and conditions that must be agreed to—and these fall under the authority not generally delegated to campus employees. Some sites present terms and conditions that are in direct violation of Regent policy, while many require guidance before they can be accepted. Of particular concern are "cloud" data storage sites that offer no guaranteed protection of confidential data.  Refer to the Software Purchasing page for more details and instructions.

Relevant Policies