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Procurement Card Repairs and Services Transactions

Departments may purchase low value repairs and maintenance services using a Procurement Card, without needing to go through Procurement & Contracting Services. 

The Agreement for Repair Services with Procurement Card Payment form (PDF) is always required.  Any transactions that exceed $5,000 still require a Requisition processed in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).  Questions should be directed to

Allowable use

  • The Agreement for Repair Services with Procurement Card Payment form (PDF) may only be used for Procurement Card service payment requests.
  • This agreement must be signed by the supplier and is not to be modified in any way.
  • If the supplier requests modifications to the agreement, please submit a KFS Purchase Agreement, Agreement Type: No Cost Agreement, for review by Business & Revenue Contracts. Include a copy of the supplier’s proposed modifications to the No Cost Agreement.
  • If you are unsure whether the service you are procuring is allowable on this form, contact the Procurement Card group for guidance.

All transactions must be in accordance with UC Davis PPM 350-10.


  1. Contact the supplier of your choosing.  The supplier does not have to be in KFS, but the agreement form must be completed, regardless of whether or not the supplier is in KFS or already has insurance on file.  Before the supplier is authorized to complete the transaction, the Agreement for Repair Services with a Procurement Card form must be fully completed and signed by the supplier.
  2. Complete the transaction with the supplier and pay on the p-card
  3. A Procurement Card document (PCDO) will be automatically created in KFS after payment has been made; the department can then proceed with completing the PCDO document.
    • Scan the signed Service Agreement form and attach to your PCDO.  The form MUST be attached to each and every P-Card transaction for which a repair/service has taken place.
    • Use 7100 as the object code (Repairs and Maintenance)