P-Card: Repairs and Service Transactions

Repairs and services are allowed expenses on the Procurement Card only with the appropriate Purchase Agreement or Purchase Order established in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) first. 

It is unacceptable to use the Procurement Card to pay for services without an approved agreement in place, but it is okay to use the P-Card to pay for services that have a fully approved KFS Purchase Order (PO) or Purchase Agreement (PA) established.

This process ensures that the appropriate insurance and services review occurs before the transaction takes place.

Instructions for Using P-Card for Repairs or Services

The Procurement Card can be used for service or repair transactions ONLY if:

  • the cited repair is placed against an existing and active Purchase Agreement or Purchase Order in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) established for the repair or service, and
  • does not exceed the limit allowed on the card of $9,999.99, regardless of the maximum amount allowed on the agreement or Purchase Order

When contacting the supplier with a P-Card transaction, be sure you communicate the Purchase Agreement or Purchase Order number to them, to ensure appropriate terms and conditions coverage.