Canceling a P-Card

In order to ensure that your Procurement Card is not inappropriately used, it is important to know when and how to cancel your card.

When to Cancel

You will need to cancel your card if:

  • you leave the university;
  • you change departments;
  • you change your name;
  • you no longer have a business reason for it.

How to Cancel

Your Fiscal Officer should e-mail the Procurement Card Administrator with the following information:

  • last 4 digits of your card number (or default account),
  • the date the card needs to be cancelled, and
  • the reason for cancellation.

If you believe the card number was compromised due to theft or loss, please call U.S. Bank at 800-344-5696 and ask for a replacement card. Email the Procurement Card Administrator indicating how the card or account number was compromised. Be sure to include the last 4 digits of the compromised card number in the email.