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Purchasing methods vary, based on what types of goods or services you are purchasing. The information below can help you get started!

1.  Review the General Guidelines page first before making any purchase. 

2.  If you are brand new to purchasing at UC Davis, we recommend that you complete the online 45-minute training module available in the UC Learning Center, Purchasing 101.

3.  Review the list below to see what the preferred purchasing method is for the indicated product or service.

4.  If you have general questions on how to make a purchase, contact for assistance.

For additional items that may not require a purchase order to be issued, visit "How Do I Buy?"



Most Goods AggieBuy should be your first stop for purchasing most goods; there is no ordering dollar limit when using AggieBuy.  If the item is not available in AggieBuy, a Procurement Card may be appropriate in some cases.
Autoclave and Cage Wash Maintenance KFS Requisition - Cite Agreement A44696 (Getinge)
Bottled Water Service KFS Requisition - DS Waters and Nestle agreements are available
Controlled Substances KFS Requisition - Strict federal regulations require specific purchasing and receiving protocols be followed for controlled substances. These purchases are to be processed in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) on a Requisition (REQS) document.
DNA Sequencing and Oligo Synthesis

Several options are available:

  • UC Davis DNA Sequencing Services in College of Biological Sciences:  In-house DNA sequencing options are available for campus departments. 
  • AggieBuy:  Multiple suppliers in AggieBuy have oligos and primer synthesis options available, including Eurofins Genomics, Thermofisher, Millipore Sigma, and Horizon Dharmacon.
Dry Ice AggieBuy: The AggieSupply Scientific Store catalog should be used.
Duo Tokens Refer to the Information Technology website for purchasing instructions.
Fiber Optics/Imaging/Light Sources KFS Requisition - Cite Agreement A42108 (Thorlabs)
Food The business reason for the food drives the way it can be purchased.
Furniture AggieBuy: - Office furniture is available in AggieBuy; contact the UC Davis Furniture Program if you need assistance.
Gas Cylinder Rentals and Servicing

UCD Buy -Cylinder rentals available through the Central Storehouse catalog.

KFS Requisition - Utilize the Airgas purchase agreement.

Gift Cards AggieBuy: - National Gift Card and Amazon have gift cards available in their catalogs.
Incubators/Refrigerators/Freezers KFS Requisition - Cite Agreement A10061 (Panasonic)
Light Bulbs

The California Million LED Challenge Program can be used to purchase light bulbs for business and/or personal use.  Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the California Million Light Bulb Challenge Purchase Inquiry screen.
  2. Enter your name, university email address, and indicate your affiliation (University of California).
  3. You will then be able to view and/or select the light bulbs you wish to purchase and add them to the online shopping cart.
  4. When checking out your cart, a credit card is the only allowable payment method. We recommend that you use a UC Davis Procurement Card to complete the purchase.

The program also allows UC Davis faculty, staff, students, affiliates, and alumni to purchase bulbs for personal use. Personal purchases can be made using the same steps listed above. University funds are not to be used for personal purchases; you will be required to use your own personal credit card for any personal purchases.

Linen Services Utilize the Mission Linen purchase agreement on a KFS Requisition.
  • Rentals should be processed through Microscope Services.
  • Purchases can be made on a KFS Requisition, citing agreement number A41815 for Nikon and A10054 for Olympus.
Molecular and Cell Biology AggieBuy: The Qiagen catalog includes Molecular and Cell Biology items
Phone and Video Conferencing The Zoom campus-wide agreement should be used.
Pipette and Liquid Handling Services Purchases can be made on a KFS Requisition, citing agreement number A37731 for the Mettler Toledo (Rainin) agreement.
Pipette Calibration and Maintenance Services AggieBuy: - The Rainin punch-out catalog can be used to schedule pipette calibration and maintenance services.
Printing and Copier Services Repro Graphics provides campus printing and copier services, including printer/copier rentals and maintenance.
Radioactive Items KFS Requisition should be used to procure radioactive items.
Repairs and Services

KFS Requisition - Many services require the creation of a KFS Requisition document, along with the necessary supporting documentation indicating the type and length of service being requested. 

Procurement Card - Limited repairs and services (under $5K), can be processed on the Procurement Card.

Software and Cloud-Based Services KFS Requisition or Procurement Card - For most software purchases, a university agreement is required to be in place before procurement can take place.  For fully approved agreements, a KFS Requisition can be used, citing the Agreement Number, or a Procurement Card, citing the Agreement Number on the resulting Procurement Card Document (PCDO).
Tax-Free Alcohol, UC Davis Service Awards, Compressed Gas Rentals

UCD Buy is your current source for compressed gas rentals.  

Compressed gases (liquid nitrogen, helium, microbulk) can also be procured on a KFS Requisition, citing one of the following agreements (Praxair and Airgas): A36042; A10112; A26326; A10016; A10100

As of Monday 9/16/19, Central Storehouse items, other than compressed gas rentals, are available in AggieBuy by clicking on the Central Storehouse tile in the UC Davis AggieSupply section of the Showcases area of the AggieBuy main dashboard. 

Uniform Rentals/Services and Purchases

Uniform rentals and services are processed against the Aramark purchase agreement on a KFS Requisition.

Uniform purchases are available from the Aramark catalog in AggieBuy.

Used Equipment and Supplies AggieSurplus is your campus resource for purchasing used items.
UC Davis Scientific Stores Lab Items The UC Davis Scientific Stores catalog is available in AggieBuy.
KFS Requisition - Required for all items on the Restricted Items List.

NOTE: Payment for orders created in AggieBuy happens automatically after the order has been shipped/invoiced by the AggieBuy supplier; no action is needed by the department. Payment for Procurement Card purchases happens automatically, but reconciliation is required in the Kuali Financial System (KFS).  Payment for purchases made in KFS requires payment on a KFS Payment Request document; most of these payments are done centrally by the Accounts Payable Invoicing Service (APIS).