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Purchasing methods vary, based on what types of goods or services you are purchasing. The information below can help you get started!



Most Goods, including Computers and Software AggieBuy should always be your first stop for purchasing most goods.  If the item is not available in AggieBuy, a Procurement Card may be appropriate in some cases.
Controlled Substances KFS Requisition - Strict federal regulations require specific purchasing and receiving protocols be followed. These purchases are to be processed in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) on a Requisition (REQS) document.
Furniture AggieBuy - Office furniture is available in AggieBuy; contact the UC Davis Furniture Program if you need assistance.
Gift Cards AggieBuy
Radioactive Items KFS Requisition - Process these items in KFS on a Requisition (REQS) document.
Repairs and Services KFS Requisition - Most services require a KFS Requisition document, along with the necessary supporting documentation indicating the type and length of service being requested.  Some limited repairs and services (under $5K), can be processed on a Procurement Card.
Tax-Free Alcohol, UC Davis Service Awards, Compressed Gas Rentals UCD Buy is your current source for these items. They will eventually be included in the AggieBuy catalogs.
Used Equipment and Supplies AggieSurplus is your campus resource for purchasing used items.
KFS Requisition - Required for all items included on the Excluded Item List.

Refer to Procurement Help if you need assistance.