Direct Deposit

Payments made to employees are eligible for direct deposit into the employee's bank account.

Direct deposit allows employees to request direct deposit for employee pay and/or reimbursements they receive.

Employee Payroll Payments

Wages paid to UCD employees through UCPath are eligible for direct deposit. Enrollment is done through UCPath.

Employee Reimbursements

All employee reimbursements made through KFS are eligible for direct deposit. When a reimbursement is submitted for an employee who has established direct deposit service, the payment issued will automatically be recorded with a check number beginning with the character 'E'. These payments can be tracked in FIS Decision Support as any other payment would be.

Any employee wishing to participate in direct deposit should enroll through UCPath. The enrollment is done using the employee's UCD Login ID and Kerberos passphrase. The website includes links to information on login IDs and passphrases.

Payment Notifications

Notifications to direct deposit recipients are made via e-mail.  Payments made to an employee account, along with any changes made to employee direct deposit service, will generate an e-mail notification.  Reimbursement notifications do not contain any sensitive information. Notifications of payment will simply direct the participant to login to UCPath, to get the details of the transaction. Note: there will be no printed payment confirmation.

Questions regarding Direct Deposit:

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