P-Card Training

The training program for the Procurement Card program is listed below. 

Required Online Training

The Procurement Card training is available to UC Davis employees and registered affiliates (Cooperative Extension Employees). An email confirmation will be sent to you after you have completed the training.

  • Procurement Card Training - Required annually for current cardholders and fiscal officers involved in the Procurement Card program.

This online course covers scenario-based training that reviews:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Guidelines for Card Use
  • Appropriate Practices
  • Recordkeeping
  • Procurement Card Application Process
  • Bank Dispute Process

Please note that the online training requires a Flash player on your Internet browser. If the training does not load/display on your computer, you may need to use a different Internet browser.

Required New Cardholder Onboarding

The onboarding has been created in order to provide a high level overview of the Procurement Card program, highlighting important policies and procedures for new cardholders. Topics that will be discussed include the purpose and uses of the P-Card, responsibility of the cardholder, identifying fraud, tips on how to reconcile card transactions, and a Q&A.

A monthly live webinar will be held.

  • The webinar will be scheduled by the P-Card Coordinator.
  • Communication via e-mail will be sent to the new cardholders advising of the required webinar.
  • The webinar will be an hour long.

New cardholders will be required to attend the webinar within the first 30 days upon receiving their card.

  • If the cardholder is unable to attend the live webinar, they must make arrangements with the P-Card Coordinator to attend another meeting.
  • If they cannot attend a webinar and fail to communicate with the P-Card coordinator within the first 30 calendar days of receiving their card, the P-Card Administrator will suspend their card until arrangements have been made to attend the onboarding. The fiscal officer will be notified that the cardholder’s card has been suspended.

The onboarding program will help ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to feel confident using your Procurement Card!

Other Recommended Classes

In addition to the above required training, we also strongly recommend completion of the online Purchasing 101 class, also available for enrollment through the campus UC Learning Center.