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Fly America Act

Federal regulation requires the use of U.S. flag carriers for travel that is funded from federal grants and contracts, including NIH grants.

The United States General Services Administration offers detailed information pertaining to the Fly America Act. Central Travel & Entertainment does not audit the usage of U.S. flag carriers as compliance with the Fly America Act is the responsibility of each department. When travel arrangements are made, the department should investigate the funding type and, if applicable, ensure air travel is accordance with the Fly America Act.

The U.S. Department of State provides a list of Open Skies Partners on their website.

Reimbursement of travel on a foreign air carrier may be denied in the absence of such justification. A Certificate of Non-Availability of U.S. Flag Air Carrier Service for U.S. Government Financed International Air Travel form can be included in the travel expense report as proof of justification.