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Procurement Card Reconciliation Process in AggieTravel

The process of reconciling Procurement Card transactions on a Procurement Card document in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) will transition to AggieTravel in Summer 2021.

After a Procurement Card transaction occurs, the expense posts to the UC Davis General Ledger. At that time, the Procurement Card reconciliation process documents what type of expense was made on the Procurement Card, identifies the business purpose of the transaction, requires the attaching of the supporting receipt documentation, and indicates what account(s) should be charged for the expense.

What's Changing?

Current Process New Process
The fiscal officer or the Procurement Card Reviewer is responsible for completing the reconciliation process. The cardholder is typically not responsible for completing the reconciliation.

There will be two options available:

An Object code has to be located, in order to properly identify the specific transaction expense type. The expense types will be available from a drop-down menu in AggieTravel. 
Each Procurement Card transaction must be processed on a separate document. Multiple card transactions can be reconciled at one time on one AggieTravel report.
Receipt uploads must be manually completed in KFS. Receipt uploads can be electronically completed in AggieTravel.
Process requires approval by the fiscal officer and any special conditions routing set up by the department for KFS documents. Reconciliation report will require review and approval by the fiscal officer(s) assigned to the account(s), as well as the Department Approver.  Any KFS special conditions routing will not apply to the reports created in AggieTravel.

What's Not Changing?

Why is the Process Changing?

  • Improve and expedite the Procurement Card reconciliation process
  • Add ability to process multiple reconciliations at one time
  • Centralize card reconciliation process for Travel Card and Procurement Card in one system, AggieTravel

Overview of New Process in AggieTravel

  1. Procurement Card expenses will automatically import into AggieTravel.  
  2. The Procurement Cardholder will log in to AggieTravel, view their expenses, and then assign one or more of them to an AggieTravel report with the Procurement Card profile.
  3. Cardholder will select the appropriate expense type, indicate the business purpose, attach the supporting documentation (receipt) for each transaction line, enter the account(s) to be used, and the appropriate taxes.
  4. Once the report is complete and submitted, it will route to the department reviewer and the fiscal officer(s) assigned to the account(s) for approval.

Sample Report Screen

Sample of new reconciliation screen for P-Card expenses
Right click to enlarge image.


  • Expense Type: Select the type of expense made with the P-Card
  • Business Purpose: Identify the business reason for the purchase
  • Delivery Postal Code: Identify where possession of the item took place
  • Tax Amount: Identify the amount of tax for the transaction
  • Merchant Charged Sales Tax: Identify the tax charged by the merchant
  • Allocate: Click this button to enter the account(s) to be charged for the P-Card transaction
  • Attach Receipt: Click this button to electronically upload the receipt(s) associated with the transaction

Preparing for the New Process

If you are a cardholder who hasn't used AggieTravel before, we strongly recommend that you review the following video tutorials:

  • AggieTravel Introduction
  • System Overview
  • Allocating Expenses
  • Itemizing Expenses

Each of these short videos will help you understand the basics of how AggieTravel works.  Additional resources will be highlighted and featured as we get closer to go-live with the new process.

We also recommend that you bookmark this page, as updates will continue to be made here, as well as via emails to our Procurement Cardholders and to our procurement email list.

We are hopeful that this new process will make it easier for you to complete your Procurement Card reconciliations.

Report for Managing Unreconciled Expenses

The Unreconciled Card Expenses Report (418) in FIS Decision Support will be updated to include unreconciled expenses on the Procurement Card. We will keep you updated as to when the report is available.


Contact us at, and we will be happy to assist.