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Procurement Card: New Dollar Limit of $9999.99 Effective 12/7/20

The default daily single transaction spending limit will be changing, effective Monday December 7, 2020, from $4,999.99 to $9,999.99.

In response to cardholder requests and to better align with the Automatic Purchase Order (APO) limit, effective Monday, December 7, 2020, the single transaction limit for most Procurement Cards (P-Cards) will be increased to $9,999.99, up from the limit of $4,999.99.

If a cardholder or the cardholder’s fiscal officer would like the single transaction to be less than $9,999.99, please contact

Please note that capital asset purchases are not allowable on the P-Card, regardless of the limits set on the card. Capital assets are items that have an acquisition value of $5,000 or higher (including tax and shipping/handling), a useful life of one year or longer, and are free-standing.  These items can be purchased in AggieBuy, or in the Kuali Financial System (KFS), if not available in AggieBuy.

We hope this limit increase streamlines your purchasing process. If you have questions, please contact