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Travel Advisory Committee Charter


The Travel Advisory Committee (TAC) provides a campus forum for information sharing, planning, identification of needs, and collaborative assessment of the business processes that supports travel and entertainment reservation, booking, and expense reporting through the AggieTravel System.

Goals of the Travel Advisory Committee

  • Provide insight and resources to the Travel Accounting team, the AggieTravel team, and the campus at large, regarding current campus travel/entertainment trends; assess the feasibility of proposals being considered, and provide information regarding technological developments and campus needs and priorities.
  • Serve as a platform for coordinating work on specific AggieTravel projects.
  • Provide a forum to the campus community for consultation and communication.
  • Leverage the collective talents, skills, and experience of a diverse community.

Organization of the Travel Advisory Committee


  • Membership of the TAC is by invitation from UC Davis Travel Accounting.


  • The TAC is chaired by the Supply Chain Management Business and Financial Services Manager.

Chair expectations include:

  • Facilitate discussions and encourage participation.
  • Set meeting agendas and minutes to be prepared as required.
  • Oversight of any sub-group efforts, helping to ensure that sub-groups and the TAC efforts are aligned.
  • Provide informational updates to members via electronic communication in advance of meetings.

Travel User Group Meetings

Meeting Schedule

  • Meetings shall be held on a regular monthly basis or as necessary. Attendance at monthly meetings is requested of all members.

Meeting Agenda

  • The Chair, or staff to the TAC, shall prepare an agenda of meeting items submitted by members or other campus constituencies. Standing agenda items should include member announcements, sub-group reports, and a report from the AggieTravel Systems Manager. Agendas shall generally be disseminated at least 3 business days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. Though earlier notice is preferred, topics not requiring any TAC action may be added to the agenda at the time of the meeting.

Meeting Minutes

  • The Chair shall ensure meeting minutes are prepared and distributed or made available prior to the next scheduled meeting.


  • The TAC members may create standing or limited workgroups to perform activities within its purview. Subcommittees should:
    • Appoint a liaison to the TAC to provide communications between the TAC and the sub-group.
    • Provide regular reports to the TAC membership on the activities and issues of the sub-group.
    • At the conclusion of their efforts, provide a document of their findings to the TAC.

Coordination and Communication Goals

  • Members are encouraged to provide announcements of events, activities, issues, and staffing changes, and to submit issues for group consideration or research, and topics for presentations.
  • Efforts should be made to recruit liaisons with other campus constituencies, planning, and groups. These liaisons should be encouraged to provide regular reports on those groups' activities.
  • TAC agendas, minutes, records, resources, and work products should be readily available online.
  • This Charter document should be reviewed annually in September by the membership to ensure that the goals and procedures continue to serve the campus and the TAC constituencies.
  • The Chair, in consultation with the group members, should produce an annual report of the activities and achievements which should be presented in conjunction with the annual review of this charter document.