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Frequently Asked Questions: AggieTravel

Frequently Asked Questions: AggieTravel

  • What is AggieTravel?
  • AggieTravel is a modern and user-friendly, travel and entertainment expense reporting solution delivered by SAP Concur Expense. 
  • Can I use AggieTravel to book personal trips?
  • Yes, AggieTravel can be used for business travel, and personal travel. The University of California has contracts with a number of travel vendors, some of which offer discounted rates. UC Davis employees have the freedom to book personal trips with those negotiated rates. Employees who want capitalize on those discounts can book travel through Aggie Travel, just as you would for a work trip.
  • Where is the link to login into AggieTravel?
  • Simply type into your web browser.
  • Why won't the red flags go away after I fixed the problem?
  • The red flags will go away after a problem has been fixed when you take the same action that made the flags appear.

    Did the flags appear when you clicked submit? You'll need to click submit again before they'll go away.

  • How do I know if an imported expense is from a Travel Card or the PBP?
  • All PBP imported expenses are imported using the expense type PBP Imported Expense. Travel card expenses are imported using various expense types.

  • Can I use the Concur app on my mobile phone or tablet?
  • Yes! One of the many benefits of the AggieTravel system is the accessibility and convenience of creating, updating and submitting reports all from your mobile device.
  • I don't use a cell phone so how can I access AggieTravel?
  • AggieTravel can be accessed from a computer. Using a mobile device to access AggieTravel is just one of the perks of the system. 
  • How will my reports route in AggieTravel?
  • UC Davis Campus Approval Routing: User Submits → Fiscal Officer(s) → Department Approver → AP Review

    UC Davis Health Approval Routing: User Submits → Department Approver → AP Review

  • Where is my account number?
  • Please visit the AggieTravel Allocations page for more information.
  • Why am I missing a sub-account in AggieTravel?
  • Does your sub-account contain a special character like a dash? If so, your sub-account cannot be used in AggieTravel. Your options are: 

    1. Create a new sub-account that does not include special characters, then wait overnight for it to appear in AggieTravel to use. 
    2. Do not enter a sub-account in AggieTravel then process a General Error Correction (GEC) document in KFS to move the charges to the correct sub-account.

    Please contact the Travel Help desk for further information.
  • Why is my project number is missing?
  • First, ensure you have selected the "either" radio button in the project search field. The project field is also case sensitive. Please use all capital letters when entering the project code.
  • Why is my email address in AggieTravel different?
  • The e-mail address in AggieTravel is the person's Kerberos user and cannot be modified. Messages sent to this address should be received at your campus e-mail address.
    If you use an address other than your campus e-mail address (e.g.,,, etc.) you can forward mail received at your campus address by going to Computing Accounts and clicking on Redirect your email address.
  • Where is the parking/tolls expense type?
  • Remember, AggieTravel has condensed some of our commonly used expense types. You can find Parking/Tolls inside the Ground Transportation expense type.

    For more information visit the Expense Types page.