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AggieTravel Mobile App

Use the Concur mobile app to submit and approve expense reports quickly, easily, and on-the-go.

The SAP Concur mobile app is a simple, secure tool that lets you manage travel expenses right from your smartphone or tablet. You can enter out-of-pocket expenses in real-time and take a picture of the associated receipt; create, submit, and check the status of your expense reports… and much more. If you are an approver, you can approve expense reports using the mobile app.

IMPORTANTScreenshot of mobile application

To get started

Download the SAP Concur mobile app from your device's app store. You can also get a link to download the app from your AggieTravel profile under the Concur Mobile Registration link. 

Log In

Your Concur username is your Kerberos ID, followed by "" This may or may not be the same as your email address depending on whether or not your Kerberos ID matches your email. 

Then, you'll click "Sign in with UC Davis CAS". The CAS screen will open and you'll enter your Kerberos ID and passphrase.