Submitting Entertainment Expenses

There are several different options for reconciling entertainment expenses, depending on how the original payment was made.  Receipts and other supporting documentation must always be included.

Use AggieExpense if:

  • The Travel Card was used.
  • Personal funds (personal credit card, cash, or check) were used, and payment is due to an individual, not a supplier.

Follow the online instructions on submitting an expense report in AggieExpense.

Per the Travel card agreement, the Travel card should be used whenever possible. Note: It is not necessary for cardholder to attend or plan event.

Use Aggie Enterprise if:

  • A supplier bills UC Davis directly and does not accept payment by credit card.

Follow the online instructions on completing the invoice process for a non-Purchase Order.

Receipts and Supporting Documentation

Entertainment expenses over $75 require original, itemized receipts for reimbursement. Receipts must identify both food and beverage expenses. Supporting documentation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Attendance list including name and UC Davis affiliation. For detailed "how to" instructions, please visit the Add Attendees to an Expense page. 
    Use the number of expected or invited attendees to determine the correct per person costs
  • Event flyer or invitation in lieu of attendance list.
    Allowable when the event is an open invitation. Use the number of expected or invited attendees to determine the correct per person costs
  • Agenda
  • Receipts
  • Related expense document numbers and/or report keys.

When requesting reimbursement for entertainment, guidelines for fund source use apply. In the event of a conflict between the terms of the funding source and university policy, the more restrictive of the two policies shall apply. Please see policies for restrictions on fund sources.  Department approvers are responsible for adhering to any restrictions.