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Ordering Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription (Rx) safety glasses can be ordered by following the process below.

NOTE: See the ordering information on the AggieSupply Scientific Store web page for other safety items.

Create a Requisition for Essilor

Create a Requisition in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) to Essilor (Vendor #233250-0) for a total of $250.00 for the prescription safety glasses.  You have up to $250.00, per contract, to spend on the Rx safety glasses (frames and lenses) .

After the Requisition is fully approved, the Purchase Order is created.  Make an appointment with, and take your Purchase Order to:

  • Dr. Dennis J. Guerrieri
  • 231 C Street, Davis, CA  95616
  • Phone 530-758-4000

Dr. Guerrieri, an Essilor representative, has frames available for you to choose onsite.  If you do not find a pair of frames of your liking, visit the Essilor website to review other options, and have them shipped to Dr. Guerrieri.  Dr. Guerrieri will have the lenses ground and installed in the frames, and then fit them to you.

When you receive the invoice against the Purchase Order, a PDF copy should be emailed to the AP Invoicing Service desk at for payment processing.

Eye Examination Process

The above process does NOT include an eye examination.  The cost of an eye exam is at your own expense, or through your own medical insurance coverage.

You will need an eye exam if It has been over one year since your last exam, or you do not have your lens prescription and cannot get it from your eye doctor.

You do not need an eye exam if you have a current prescription. You can call your eye doctor and they can send the prescription to you, if the exam was less than one year ago.


Questions should be directed to Curtis Plotkin in Safety Services at 530-754-0456 or .