Procurement & Contracting Services Forms

Procurement & Contracting Services Forms

Also, see the PowerPoint on KFS Purchasing Attachments.



Alcohol; Conditions of Use of Tax-Free Alcohol (PDF)

This form must be posted where Tax Free Alcohol is stored and/or used.

Alcohol Custodian Request Form (PDF)

Used to add, delete, or update alcohol custodians assigned to a department.

Alcohol Custodian Lookup (Webform) Look up your department's alcohol custodian. If needed, use the Request Form above to add a department custodian. 
Alcohol; Permit to Purchase Tax Free Alcohol in Excess of 25 Gallons Request For authorization to purchase tax-free alcohol in excess of 25 gallons, the department must complete this form.
Alcohol Stock Control Custodian's Inventory Records (PDF) This form can be used to keep a record of receipts and disbursements within a department.
Approval Form for Software and Related Services. (PDF) This form is required for Procurement to proceed with the contracting process for any software or cloud-based services.
Bidding Guidelines (PDF) This document provides an overview of the university procurement bidding process.  There is a guideline document for federal funded purchases and non-federal funded purchases.
Business Information Form (PDF) This form is no longer used and has been replaced by the CalUSource process.  It it used by outside suppliers (companies and individuals) documenting their interest to do business with UC Davis.
Capital Asset Information Form This form is to be completed and attached to your Requisition in Aggie Enterprise when purchasing an item that meets the definition of a capital asset as well as items for a fabrication or add-on to an existing capital asset. 
Chemistry Storeroom Request Can't find what you want or need at AggieSupply stores? Use the AggieSupply Special Order request in AggieLogistics to request an item!
Confirming Order Justification (PDF)

This form must accompany any request for unauthorized purchases.

Conflict of Interest - Report of Proposed Transaction (PDF) Required if contracting with a current or former UC employee or near relative.
Controlled Substance Receipt Authorization (PDF) Used to add, delete, or update controlled substance receivers assigned to a department.
Covered Services Carve Out Request Form (Webform)

This information should be reviewed first.  Then, the appropriate request should be completed if the department believes a covered service contract should be considered for an exception to Regents Policy 5402:

Equipment Loan Agreement Form (PDF) Used to document the loan of a supply or capital asset item from an outside entity to a university department.
Equipment Loan Agreement Modification Form (PDF)

Used to make updates to a previously-created Equipment Loan Agreement form.

Equipment for Research - Sales Tax Reduction Worksheet (PDF) This form can be used to request a tax reduction for equipment purchases for research purposes in California; it should be attached to the Requisition in KFS or AggieBuy.
Independent Contractor (Individual) Pre-Hire Information Form (PDF)
Complete prior to contracting or renewing a contract for independent contractor (individual) services.
(See IRS Classification Factors and Tax Withholding Information)
Individual Disclosure Statement for Proposed Sole Source Purchase (PDF) Each person involved in the recommendation for Sole Sourcing must complete the disclosure form. Both this form and the Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification form should be electronically attached to your KFS Requisition (REQS) document. 
Performance Agreement - information and agreement template (PDF) Performance services can be obtained by departments without going through Procurement & Contracting Services if this form is properly completed and attached to your KFS document.
Scientific Store Request: AggieSupply  Can't find what you want or need at AggieSupply stores? Use the AggieSupply Special Order request in AggieLogistics to request an item!
Sponsorship Agreement - information and agreement template (PDF)

A Sponsorship Agreement must be completed when the university makes a contribution in support of an event produced by another entity, and the university is receiving a benefit in exchange for the financial contribution; this form should be attached to your KFS document.

  • If the form is not modified in any way, you should complete a KFS Requisition.
  • If the form is modified in any way, you should complete a KFS Purchase Agreement.
Request for Quotation (PDF) Optional form that can be used if contacting multiple suppliers to get price information, only for purchases within the departmental delegation.
Small and Diverse Business Registration Form (Webform) Register a small, diverse, woman- or veteran-owned business with UC Davis.
Scope of Work Requirements Worksheet (PDF) Required anytime the contract will cover services provided, regardless of whether the university is providing the service(s) or a contractor will be providing the service(s). 

Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Justification Form (PDF)

Form also available on the UC Office of the President website.

This form is to be used when a request is for a federally-funded purchase equal to or greater than $10,000, a purchase greater than $10,000 and Small Business First Program eligible, or other purchases equal to or greater than $100,000, and the transaction is not utilizing an existing Purchase Agreement or AggieBuy, or as otherwise specified in the Bidding Guidelines. This form is also to be used for Sole Source Justification Requests; with additional required form, Individual Disclosure Statement, to be completed, and both forms attached to the KFS Requisition.
Special Sale/Service Authorization (PDF) Used to document a departmental proposal to sell goods and services to non-university individuals.
Vendor Performance Report This form is currently unavailable, however we still encourage you to share feedback regarding UC Davis suppliers. Send an email with supplier feedback to; whenever possible, include relevant purchase order numbers, name(s) of supplier representatives, and any other details that help demonstrate the type of service provided.
W-9 Form (PDF) Departments: if you have received a W-9, through the mail or in-person, please see the W-9 instructions page.  If you are sending this link to the vendor, we will send them instructions on uploading it when we receive your vendor request in KFS.