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The University of California and the UC Davis Supply Chain Management organization is dedicated to sustainability in each of its forms, including environmental, economic, and social

The University of California UC Sustainable Procurement Policy, effective August 2018, has a goal of 25% Economic and Social Responsible (EaSR) spend in 5 years. 

Environmental Sustainability

Supply Chain Management utilizes Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP), a strategy that seeks to procure products and services with a reduced or minimal environmental impact, as compared to other similar products/services that serve the same purpose.  We also utilize systems, such as AggieBuy, that make it easy for campus departments to identify energy-efficient and environmentally-preferable items.  More information is available on our Buying Green page.  Our AggieSupply Scientific Store is creating sustainable efficiencies, including centralized receiving & distribution and reduced courier trucks on campus.

In addition, we continually look for programs to recycle packaging, including the polystyrene foam, used for many lab items.

We're working with EcoVadis, a network of sustainably-responsible suppliers.  EcoVadis activities include the evaluation and scoring of supplier’s corporate and social responsibility practices.  We're also working with Ecomedes, which scores various sustainability aspects of products.

What Can You Do?  Lab personnel should visit My Green Lab.  My Green Lab is non-profit organization advancing education in environmentally-responsible science.  Their website contains a wealth of information on ways to make your lab more "green," and ensure that solid environmental sustainability practices are followed. There is also a green lab certification that is highly recommended. 

The Office of Sustainability is relaunching its Green Workplace Certification soon and certified labs will have exclusive access to discounts from select vendors.
Contact with questions.

Economic Sustainability

Fair Wage/Fair Work is one example of how the University of California achieves economic sustainability in the partnerships that are built with outside suppliers.  We work to ensure that the suppliers with which we contract are paying sustainable wages to their employees.

Social Sustainability

Mitigating the potential negative social impacts of a business transaction on the community (e.g., increased CO2 and pollution) is also part of the University of California mission to sustainable business practices.

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