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Supply Chain Disruptions

This page provides ongoing information on supply chain issues that might impact your ability to acquire specific goods.  Our team continues to work with suppliers to mitigate delays.  Always plan ahead when purchasing, especially for the items listed below.

August 2022

  • Gases (including CO2), dry ice, and liquid helium continue to experience supply disruption.  Please plan ahead if purchases are required and continue to conserve existing product as much as possible.  There may be intermittent or delayed deliveries with these items.

May 2022

  • Plastics related to medical and lab consumables are in short supply and on allocation from most suppliers. 
  • IV fluids and liquid feed formulas are experiencing a short-term supply issue that is expected to resolve shortly. 
  • Gases, dry ice and liquid helium are experiencing supply disruption.  The issues are varied and may be due to personnel shortages, equipment shortages, or manufacturing disruptions. 

February 2022