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Conference/Training Registration

Payment options for in-person and online conference/registration fees

The following steps should be followed for employees or for paying on behalf of a guest or student.  

For a visual aid on this process, view the workflow PDF

Supplier accepts credit card

These are the preferred methods of payment in order of preference: 

  • Use your UC Travel Visa card, even if there are no other travel expenses. If an employee does not have a card already, they can apply for one and if needed, the application can be expedited. 
  • Procurement Card is allowed, if you do not have access to a UC Travel Visa card. You must provide the cardholder and/or fiscal officer appropriate proof of department approval. (Step 1 when paying for a guest or student)

If the above options are not available, then a personal card may be used, but is not the recommended best practice. Reimbursement will be processed after the trip/event is concluded.

Supplier does not accept credit card

  • The registration can be paid by the Kuali Disbursement Voucher using payment reason code, REG. Include the invoice and department approval.
  • The employee can pay out of pocket and be reimbursed through AggieTravel after the trip/event is completed. It does not matter if there are other travel-related expenses.

Reconciling in AggieTravel

Travel expenses, along with all necessary backup documentation, must be submitted to Accounts Payable within 45 days of the completion of the trip.

Receipts are required for conference registration. The receipt must show the description of what is being purchased.  

Report Type: Travel - Less than 30 Days

Expense Type

  • Conference Registration
  • Use Conference Registration for reimbursement of the cost of conference, seminar, or lecture, etc. registration fees.

    When submitting an expense report to pay your Travel card for conference registration for a group of individuals, the attendance list option should be used to identify the attendees.

    Object Code: 2100

If the university is hosting the conference, the procedure for processing conference expenses is different. See Hosting a Conference for details.

Questions? Please email the Travel Help Desk