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Group Travel

This page provides an overview of the Group Travel process.

Group Leader Designation

  • Group leader status is approved at the department head level.
  • A group leader oversees a group of travelers, with the authority to pay another person's travel expenses.
  • Examples of Group Travel include student field trips, athletic team events, and study abroad trips.
  • Group leader authorization is not simply for the convenience of submitting one travel voucher for multiple travelers. Several co-workers (non-students) traveling to the same location is not group travel, as employees are typically expected to pay their own travel expenses.
  • The only documentation needed as evidence of this authorization is the grantor's approval of the expense report; that approval should be filed with the department business office.

Group Travel

  • The group leader should arrange for all airfare and lodging for the group, utilizing ConnexUC partners.
  • Other expenses, such as meals or ground transportation, can be paid by individual participants or paid by the group leader.
  • Group trips must include the full names of all participants.
  • Group leaders should utilize a Travel card to pay group expenses whenever possible.
  • Specific Group Travel expense types can be used to record group travel expenses in AggieTravel.