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Frequently Asked Questions: Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions: Entertainment

  • When is the Host Certification Form required?
  • Entertainment Host Certification is required when entering an Entertainment report that includes any of the following:

    - Recruitment of prospective employees
    - Recruitment of student athletes or scholars
    - Morale events
    - Meals to prospective donors
    - Meals to visitors from other educations institutions, the community, or another work location for social or recreational purposes
    - Show tickets for entertainment purposes
    - Meals to spouses or domestic partners
    - Cash contributions during an entertainment event

    If the host is someone other than the report submitter, simply route the report to the host for electronic approval. If the host is not an active employee with access to AggieTravel, you may use the printed Entertainment Host Certification form available in the AggieTravel report.

    See BUS-79 Appendix B: Approval of Expenditures for more information.
  • How many attendees should be listed for an Entertainment event?
  • Always list the projected number or actual number of attendees that food was purchased for.
  • Are retirement events allowed?
  • Yes. Choose report type Entertainment Morale on the AggieTravel Report Header and notate the years of service in the comments section. Remember to include any other related report keys.
  • Can an employee attend an award show or entry fee when a meal is included?
  • Yes. Add expense type: Program Entry Fees and notate a meal was included in the ticket cost.
  • Are employee spouse meal expenses allowed on Entertainment Reports?
  • In specific situations where the employee's spouse serves a bona fide university purpose, yes. This must be documented in detail in the report.