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Unauthorized or Personal Purchases

Personal Purchases

Purchases for items or services for personal use are prohibited. If the Procurement Card is used for a personal purchase, the cardholder should discuss the matter with their fiscal officer/reviewer to determine what steps will be taken in the future to ensure the card is not used for any personal use purchases. 

The fiscal officer/reviewer should notify the P-Card Administrator of the violation immediately, by email to

Finally, the following steps will need to be completed within seven days of the transaction to ensure that the expense is properly repaid to the university.

  1. Repay the university with a check made payable to "UC Regents" and document it on a Cash Receipt (CR) document in Kuali (KFS).
  2. Email a confirmation that the above action has been taken and provide the CR doc number for the transaction.
  3. Attach the CR document to the PCDO document and approve to the default account.
  4. Reference the Cashier's Office website for information regarding the Cash Receipt document.

Unauthorized Purchases

If a transaction was not for personal use, but is determined to be “unauthorized," the cardholder may be asked by their department to return the item or repay the university, following the steps above. Refer to section V of PPM 350-10 for more information. 

To ensure cardholders are aware of what is allowable on the Procurement Card, they should refer to PPM 350-22, specifically, sections IV.B on allowable purchases, and V.A on their responsibilities as a cardholder.