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Accounts Payable Forms

Accounts Payable



Declaration of Lost or Destroyed UCD Check (PDF)

Used by the payee when a check is lost or destroyed and you want to stop payment or have the check re-issued.

Declaration of Lost Receipt (PDF)

Complete this form when all means to obtain an original receipt have been exhausted. This form is not used for Travel reimbursements.

Document Correction Request (Webform)

Use to correct or cancel a KFS document that is fully approved.

KFS Use Tax Accrual Correction Form (Webform) By using this form, you are certifying that Use tax was incorrectly accrued by the Kuali Financial System (KFS).
Portable Electronic Agreement (PDF)

Used to certify University-owned equipment is in the possession of an employee.

Request Check Copy (Webform)

If a check has been cashed and the recipient needs proof, use this form to request a copy of the cashed check.

Request to Cancel Check (PDF)

Used when a check needs to be cancelled. Requires check to be attached and mailed to Accounts Payable.

Stop Payment Request Form (Webform)

If a check is lost or stolen, complete the Stop Payment Request Form to have the check cancelled or reissued. Use when check is NOT available to be mailed back to Accounts Payable.

UC Davis Invoice Receipt Requirements (PDF)

University policy concerning the proof of receipt of invoiced goods or services.